Friday, August 27, 2010

Of Longan Again =P And Some Other Stuff hehehe


I'm happy. For the first time ever I got a buffered campaign from Nuffnang. I guess I gotta thank Mr. Darkbatman and Si Cepit for the free blogging tips. Thank you! =D

And about the longan! Yes, emm what about it. Yeah, I know I already blogged about it a couple days ago, and 2 weeks ago. So this is the third entry about my longan project lol. The fruits getting bigger, riper and certainly the bats are trying to get their hands (or feet =P) on the fruits!


Now, I would love to finish blogging about this but I guess I just have to leave it at here with some new pics. Won't be home the whole day (it's time like this I really need a small netbook or at least a smart phone!)
The longan tree.

New wrapping. I like this one. I think should get more of this.

p/s: I wanna make more entries about resipi kuih raya, biskut raya, but I'm not sure what kind of cookies. I know resipi biskut cornflakes and biskut kacang mazolla are the easiest I know so far. Hmmm..maybe go look for resipi London Almond? Heh



mizz sue said...

rajin wat kuih raye ke...bagus2..hihi

cahayasuci said...

longan or mata kucing? stil..they taste the same for me..nice work..beg bwang yg di recycle..nice!!!

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha mizz sue, mak macam tak larat sangat nak buat sorang2, jadi akan tolong mak la bila buat nanti. tengah menganggur lagipon. =P

cahayasuci, ada pernah dengar orang cakap longan dan mata kucing tak sama. tapi tak kesah, asal rasa tu sedap! hahah XD


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