Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How Do You Restart Your Dormant Blog?

Ni draf dari tahun lepas ni, 2018. Sedikit ironic sebab aku letak tajuk post tu macam tu.
Screenshot bawah ni pon dari tahun lepas, kahkahkah.

Tapi step no.1 tu memang betul. Kenapa ko start blog? Your WHY. Kalau bahasa kita, nawaitu, niat memulakan blog.
Sebenarnya, dalam apa benda/perkara yang kita buat, pastinya bersertakan niat. Kadang-kadang orang akan kata, "aku buat ni saja-saja, takde sebab/tujuan pon". Kalau ko tanya aku, "saja-saja, takde sebab", tu semua hanyalah smokescreen untuk niat sebenar ko. YOUR BIG WHY.

Boleh jadi ko buat sesuatu tanpa niat, saja-saja, sebab ko nak lari daripada benda lain yang ko tak suka/tak nak buat. Jadi sebab tu, mungkin.

If you were to ask me now, what is my why to blog again, I think I would fall into the said category. Aku nak escape from my not-so-likeable career. Hahaha sounds like a whiny, fussy man pulak... Tapi itu lah, aku rasa aku dah tak punya persistence, resilience untuk kerja. Lumayan, ya, tapi macam tak berbaloi kadang-kadang.

Jadi, mengambil kesempatan yang mana blog aku ni dah tak dikunjungi orang, aku nak menjadikan blog ni, sebagai tempat luahan perasaan (selain kepada yang Maha Mendengar), bercerita dan mungkin tempat aku nak ubah kerjaya aku. Mana tahu, boleh jumpa kerja lain ke, idea business ke, atau blog ni boleh jadi fofuler macam dulu-dulu (dulu-dulu dah habis, brooooo)

Rasanya, sampai di sini sahaja untuk kali ini. Esok pulak lah. Aku nak kena mula balik rutin blogging ni, makanya kenalah buat hari-hari, praktis menulis (menaip, you mean)

Jyaa, mata ne~

Monday, April 29, 2019


Sepanjang tahun 2018 langsung takde satu post. Wow! That's a new record set by yours truly. Banyak benda boleh berlaku dalam masa satu tahun. Dan banyak benda juga yang dah berlaku dalam jangka masa tu.
Summary nye, perubahan kerjaya, tahun melawat Indonesia, dan new bundle of joy (<----Ini emoji smiley, aku buat post ni pakai Blogger app)
Kenapa kali ni tergerak nak blog balik? Sebenarnya, dari tahun 2017 tu aku nak meneruskan kelangsungan hidup blog ni..cuma, banyak alasan aku bagi dan jadilah apa yang dah terjadi sekarang blog yang dah lebih setahun tak di-update. Bersawang, dah jadi sarang angkut-angkut dah.

Inilah sarang angkut-angkut.

Blog kali ni more to syok sendiri mungkin, sebab aku rasa aku dah takde pembaca yang mengikuti perkembangan blog ni. Silap-silap, blog aku dah kena removed daripada list pembaca-pembaca lama aku.

Mungkin kalau takde pressure untuk blog, aku akan lebih rajin ke sini. Siapa tahu?

Friday, September 8, 2017


My apologies for this long silence. Been busy with things that just happened to fall into place. Hahahaha apadiaaaa

By the way, I should have been on a flight to Kota Kinabalu, right about now, with my other friends for our Gunung Kinabalu climb. But guess what, I failed to bring myself to tell them that I cannot make it due to work and personal issues. Well, let's just say, my limited Annual Leaves plus my wedding 2 weeks ago made it not possible for me to be away for another 4 more working days.

Eh, what? My wedding?

They see me spinning, they hating

Yeah, yours truly here is married alhamdulillah! It's a long story, one that I may pen down for another time, another post.

So, back to my Kinabalu trip.

I have been like an ostrich so far when it comes to dealing with problems and believe me, it is not healthy. Why ostrich, you ask? Ostrich has this habit of burying its head in the ground, believing that since it cannot see the threats coming, the threats will not do it harm. What a conveniently irresponsible way to live hahaha

So, my writing this post is actually supposed to give me the guts that I seem to misplace, to apologise to my friends about my bailing out on them.

Oh, ya. Pretty twisted way to come out of a hiatus.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ano onna

"Bashful, yet bold."

"Apa dia?"

"Japanese girl."

"Damn I didn't know you knew one.'

"Heh. Ada la. Not your typical Japanese girl though.."

It went silent again. Glued to their phones. Same routine for Nathan and Brooke.

"So, you know I dig person/things that don't fit the stereotype."

"Oh, are we still talking about that Japanese girl?"

"Hahaha kinda. Anyway, she's tall and lanky for a Japanese."

"Is she a model, then? Since she's blessed with height?"

"Naah, according to her anyway. But I like that modesty in her."

"Hahaha, like what, one of the Malays sayings? Ikut resmi padi, makin berisi makin tunduk?"

"Damn, you've made remarkable improvement. Powerr.

But are you saying she's fat, mate?"

And the two Mat Sallehs stop hanging out after that.

-The End-

PS: The Japanese girl isn't fat. She's small built depsite her towering height.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


As I typed that "2016" as the title for this blog post, it reminds me of one of my favourite movies (don't judge please LOL) "2012", the end-of-the-world movie starring John Cusack and some other notable actors whom I can't just recall their names.

Anyway, it's been a great year I think, and I couldn't thank Him enough for all the things he has blessed me with. My bad, scratch that off, for everything he has been blessing me with. And I look forward to 2017. Man, 3 series dah!

Maybe before I sign off (gotta sleep early to catch Liverpool vs Manchester City with JB Liverpool gang) I'd like to touch on one or two things.

I just can't help but feel a bit, disturbed, by the reactions shared on Facebook because of the passing of a number of famous celebrities. Sure, I too was sad upon learning the latest news of the Carrie Fisher's death. It is just that, I think it is an exaggeration to claim 2016 is the worst year ever, and how 2016 just has to take another life, and to keep your favourite celebrities/people safe by hiding at home.

Maybe they were also trying to cope with the sudden losses hence such response.

What I have come to terms with life, in 2016 is that, life is meant to be whole and the only way it can be whole is if you accept all the good and bad thrown at you. You can't expect life to deal you a good hand.

That everyone you love, fond of, will live forever and be around you for eternity. That money is just gonna roll in your bank account. That everyone likes you.

Sure, grieve, cry, sleep in, stay at home. But after that, you get back up. And learn from all that.

To whine and complain 2016 has been terrible and devastating, I think is not fair. For you to overlook the good things that happened to you for the past 52 weeks of 2016.

Be more grateful, thankful and appreciative of the blessings you have received thus far.

"You feel good on the inside.
It shines out in the outside"
-Anonymouse 2016
Happy New Year!
Selamat Tahun Baru!
Bonne Annee!
Akemashite omedetou!


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