Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ano onna

"Bashful, yet bold."

"Apa dia?"

"Japanese girl."

"Damn I didn't know you knew one.'

"Heh. Ada la. Not your typical Japanese girl though.."

It went silent again. Glued to their phones. Same routine for Nathan and Brooke.

"So, you know I dig person/things that don't fit the stereotype."

"Oh, are we still talking about that Japanese girl?"

"Hahaha kinda. Anyway, she's tall and lanky for a Japanese."

"Is she a model, then? Since she's blessed with height?"

"Naah, according to her anyway. But I like that modesty in her."

"Hahaha, like what, one of the Malays sayings? Ikut resmi padi, makin berisi makin tunduk?"

"Damn, you've made remarkable improvement. Powerr.

But are you saying she's fat, mate?"

And the two Mat Sallehs stop hanging out after that.

-The End-

PS: The Japanese girl isn't fat. She's small built depsite her towering height.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


As I typed that "2016" as the title for this blog post, it reminds me of one of my favourite movies (don't judge please LOL) "2012", the end-of-the-world movie starring John Cusack and some other notable actors whom I can't just recall their names.

Anyway, it's been a great year I think, and I couldn't thank Him enough for all the things he has blessed me with. My bad, scratch that off, for everything he has been blessing me with. And I look forward to 2017. Man, 3 series dah!

Maybe before I sign off (gotta sleep early to catch Liverpool vs Manchester City with JB Liverpool gang) I'd like to touch on one or two things.

I just can't help but feel a bit, disturbed, by the reactions shared on Facebook because of the passing of a number of famous celebrities. Sure, I too was sad upon learning the latest news of the Carrie Fisher's death. It is just that, I think it is an exaggeration to claim 2016 is the worst year ever, and how 2016 just has to take another life, and to keep your favourite celebrities/people safe by hiding at home.

Maybe they were also trying to cope with the sudden losses hence such response.

What I have come to terms with life, in 2016 is that, life is meant to be whole and the only way it can be whole is if you accept all the good and bad thrown at you. You can't expect life to deal you a good hand.

That everyone you love, fond of, will live forever and be around you for eternity. That money is just gonna roll in your bank account. That everyone likes you.

Sure, grieve, cry, sleep in, stay at home. But after that, you get back up. And learn from all that.

To whine and complain 2016 has been terrible and devastating, I think is not fair. For you to overlook the good things that happened to you for the past 52 weeks of 2016.

Be more grateful, thankful and appreciative of the blessings you have received thus far.

"You feel good on the inside.
It shines out in the outside"
-Anonymouse 2016
Happy New Year!
Selamat Tahun Baru!
Bonne Annee!
Akemashite omedetou!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Unsaid, Unspoken - Versi Crushed

"He's here, right in front of you, silly!"

"Yep, I still have that feeling. But of course I gotta lie when you asked me that, dummy!"

"Isshhh..comel natang ni...Damn, what did she just ask me?"

 I mean this kind of Crush. =P

"LOL of course I couldn't guess the song you played just now. I was lost looking at your eyes..."

"Okay, this happens too often, I gotta focus and listen to what she's saying. Can't...get...lost...again staring at her eyes...okay I give up."

"Were you talking about me just now? Oh, conceited much Danny?"

"Of course I remember everything you told me, I may be caught daydreaming when you talk but all them words are registered in my memory. I got a huge memory castle designated for you only. LOL"

Other versions coming soon -  Family's, Bruh's, Work's. Hahahaha

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Serigala dan Biri-Biri

"Ini satu kisah. Serigala dan biri-biri. Mereka tinggal bersebelahan, dipisahkan oleh pagar. Serigala selama ini tidak pula ambil kisah akan biri-biri...sehinggalah pada suatu hari...lagipun, bukankah semua cerita kanak-kanak bermula dengan, "Pada suatu hari"?

Serigala baru tersedar akan biri-biri di sebelah kawasannya. Serigala senang sekali berkawan dengan biri-biri. Tapi serigala tertanya-tanya, adakah biri-biri senang sekali mempunyai teman seperti serigala? Lagipun, bolehkah mereka berkawan rapat?

Hari demi hari, serigala cuba untuk menyeberang masuk kawasan biri-biri. Pagar dirobohkan setiap kali dia seberang. Mungkin takut, mungkin terkejut, mungkin juga tidak mempunyai rasa serupa seperti serigala, biri-biri menolak baik pelawaan serigala setiap kali serigala datang. Serigala pun sedar, biri-biri tidak boleh dipaksa dan serigala tidak pula berniat untuk menjadikan biri-biri makanannya, hanya sekadar teman rapat.

Jadi, selepas setiap kali ditolak serigala akan memasang kembali pagar yang roboh.

Dan mereka seperti dulu-dulu, meluangkan masa bersama, antara pagar yang menyempadani kawasan mereka.

Wolf and Sheep. That one sheep.

Sehinggalah, sejak kebelakangan ini apabila biri-biri seperti sudah lupa dan memijak masuk sahaja ke kawasan serigala. Habis pagarnya si serigala! Setiap kali itu, serigala akan memasang pagarnya ke dalam lagi, biar ada sempadan antaranya dan biri-biri.

Dan setiap kali itu jugalah, biri-biri akan robohkan pagar yang baru serigala pasang! Kian lama, kian mengecil kawasan serigala. Serigala buntu kerana dirasakan biri-biri hanyalah menjadi dirinya sendiri, seekor biri-biri yang begitu spontan. Jadi serigala harus mengawal harapannya, jangkaannya dan imaginasinya. Sekarang, kawasannya mengecil. Ataupun, adakah kawasannya sudah menjadi besar? (dan baru?)"

Brooke could not take it anymore and just exploded,
"Cerita apa ni, setan!!??"

"Eh, tak best ke? Pasal metafora dua insan yang tengah main push and pull, kot-"

"Dah, aku tak mau baca benda-benda camni. Pergi siapkan artikel-artikel kita cilok dari CNN, GizmoGadget, LifeTech apa ntah tadi.Cepatttt! Nak sangat jadi full time writer kan! Haa, nah kau!"
Brooke threw the papers to Nathan before aiming another whiteboard marker at his highschool junior who is now stuck with him developing their small website, NateyBruks.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Feel

He's been busy googling. To him, Google is his best friend. Best mate. His guru. His advisor. His consultant. His all. Well, almost all.

There is one thing Google can't be. Sure, Google can keep him less bored, entertained and stimulated as well. But never did he think of ending up like Joaquin Phoenix in 'Her'.

He's still at it. Searching through the archive of knowledge and junks. None seems to be the answers. Or maybe none that he likes to hear, see and read. He's getting more restless. Almost like a boy frantically looking for his toy to accompany him to sleep. A reassurance, kind of?

After a while, composing himself to the chair, he breathes out "I feel..." "I feel..." over and over again.

He does feel more comfortable, at peace with himself after telling himself. That he is the master of himself. The owner of any emotion, feeling running in his veins. And he will be the one, deciding the course of his action.


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