Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cuti cuti malaysia (penang, johor bahru, singapore, melaka)

We start with...
5 hours after I reached Penang, I was busy helping my dad cleaning up the lawn. hehehehe..good boy! =P

Later, me and my parents had nasi kandaq! Quite a heavy meal for breakfast, I know but thats pretty common in Penang, regardless of your colour skin. If you are a Penangite, you cant care less if its heavy or not. What you know is the food is gonna last you until lunch hour for another round of nasi kandaq or maybe some other meals..

The boys, back then it was still school holidays..thats why they only wake up aroun 9 -11 am... lazybums..

In JB..well..nothing much in JB I think..prefer Penang..hehehe no offence JB folks! =P

Where is this again..Angsana Mall? UO? I don't remember..
In Singapore..was quite okay actually, only that, because we had Apish crying for us to carry him instead of him was a pretty tiring day...
Arab St. I think...

I think this bar/cafe/restaurant looks cool

The masjid there

The Family

We just went where out feet taking us to..

..this place that looks so is the opposite of Bugis St.,maybe?? @_@

Haha, we went back quite early, only like 4 hours there..haha so tired..


And finally the wind of A'Famosa blew us all back to Kerteh, Terengganu. =) Home sweet home.

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