Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hang Tuah The Animation?

Woah, woah! Read this at beautifulnara about a three way agreements signed by Japanese anime studio Gonzo (Blood: The Last Vampire), Malaysian animation studio Funcel and Malaysia's National Film Development Corporation to produce Hang Tuah the animation!

The protagonists....maybe?

The antagonists...look so..

It sounds cool to me at first but I am being a bit skeptic about having non Malaysians to make an anime out of this legendary warriors, Hang Tuah and his friends. What more, I wonder are the voice actors gonna be Japanese too?

I remember watching Silat Lagenda. That was awesome for our technology that time. But I think I shouldn't be all negative about Gonzo studio animating Hang Tuah because it's a collaboration....I think? Well, you guys can read more here and here.



kusut said...

omfg betul ke ni?

local studios have made endless strings of proposals to make a cartoon of hang tuah and his pals. and now a foreign company is going to make it?


and owh.. i think the 'satria' logo looks hideous la

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Danial, Holy Smoke! What will they come out with next. This is very creative, and someone sure has an imaginative mind too.
What technology can do today. I always wonder down the road, 100 years from now what technology will be like.

Like star Wars, "beam me up, Scotty"? Ha ha.
Have fun, Danial.....and study hard.....
Best regards, Lee.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

kusut - haha u think it's hideous? i think it's okay. let's hope that there will be better version of what we see here today after the work is done.

uncle lee, hi! thanks for dropping a comment here! =D yeah, whenever im alone i always wonder how the world's gonna be in the future. hmm, uncle lee, i believe that line is from star trek? hahaha thanks uncle lee for the wishes. im starting my first job ever this monday! wish me luck! ;) u stay young too, and keep on rocking uncle lee! XD

Fathiah Jasni said...

heee.. aku xtaw nk setuju ngan ko kat part mane.. tp jelas ketara kt drawings dorg, 'imej jepon' tu masih dpt dikesan ketara.. ade plak jebat rambut kaler merah, lekir rambut kaler putih? haha..

putting that aside, the effort is brilliant! do update about the progress, matdo! :D


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