Saturday, August 21, 2010

Resipi-Resipi Sempena Ramadhan Dan Syawal

Tengok si cepit ni dok sedap blog pasal resipi-resipi kuih raya ni, buat aku tergoda pulak..hahhaha

Now that we're 1/3 done with Ramadhan, you can see that everyone has started to make preparations to celebrate Hari Raya. In Indonesia, it's called Lebaran. I learned that from my man, Tommy Irianto and Dicky. Hahaha =P

Anyway, it sure brings back memories, fasting in Australia, and to celebrate raya away from home, for 3 straight years. In my first year, I celebrated with friends in Melbourne city, so I didn't feel homesick much since there are a lot of Muslims from Malaysia especially in Melbourne made me feel like I was back home. However in my second and third year, I stayed back in Gippsland to celebrate the 1st of Syawal. So because of the homesickness I asked my mom the recipe for Biskut Cornflakes. Ahaa, I know you guys are familiar with this kuih raya but not my friends back there. So when I first tried it out, it was a success. ;)

In my third year, I got more confident, hence more trials and experiments in the kitchen =P Good thing my housemates and I are the kind of people that love to cook, bake, and make food in the kitchen, and of course eat them! So, I got a lot of help hehe. I modified my mom's Biskut Cornflakes, replace the cornflakes with chocolate chips, and voila~ Chocolate Chip Cookies. I also did try making Biskut Kacang Mazolla. Which turned out great! I brought the kuih raya to iftar one day and the other Malaysians; Kak Ja, Kak Sofi, and the bachelors thought it tasted great. Hehehhee kembang hidung XP

I got to thanks my mom for the recipe which I asked in my second year, and also Auntie Liza or famously known as Chef Liza in the blogging world - the owner of and, thanks to Hahaha, I learned a lot from these two sites. Auntie Liza lives in Kerteh and is my mom's friend so that's how I got to know about her blog.

Maybe I should share this - Resipi Biskut Kacang. Simple, easy as ABC, atau Melayunya, kacang je! Hahaha

Bahan-bahan ( 200 biji )

  • 600gm tepung gandum
  • 600gm kacang tanah (disangai & dibuang kulit)
  • 400gm gula castor (boleh ganti dgn gula halus)
  • 1 cwn minyak Knife (tambah sekiranya perlu)
  • 1 biji telur ayam


  1. Blend kacang hingga halus.
  2. Masukkan kacang, tepung gandum dan gula castor ke dlm mangkuk. Gaul sebati.
  3. Masukkan putih telur. Masukkan minyak sedikit demi sedikit dan uli hingga sebati.
  4. Buatkan bulat2 kecil. Susun atas dulang (rapat2 pn x per, adunan ni kembang skit jer). Sapu kuning telur & hiaskn dgn kacang. Bakar 10-15 minit, api sederhana.

Selamat Mencuba!


aiwei said...

Do u like baking as well? I should try this recipe maybe SOMEDAY. There are currently too much recipes I want to try out haha.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

i used to bake a lot last time when i was still in uni. i did bake marble cake (which was okay~ =P), biskut cornflakes, chocolate chip cookies which brought me to fame LOL back then. oh, also apple cake and apple crumble! OMG! i miss making apple crumble! XD


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