Thursday, April 23, 2015

3 o'clock in the Morning

Lately, I keep waking up around this time. 2.57am, 3am, 2.45am. At first I thought it must be something paranormal (lels) but I can't say for sure. Or just my body waking me up to go to the toilet.

Then again, it's a chicken or egg question. "Did I wake up around that time to pee?" or "Did I feel like peeing after waking up?"

Anyways, here I am, not having a specific idea, theme or things to write. Just. a rant. Oh, I just made my first purchase on iTunes last night. I bought Noh Salleh's EP for USD5.49 and there are 6 songs in. Out of the 6 songs, I love Angin Kencang (no surprise there) and Biar Seribu.

Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia. Jom sokong artis tempatan yang berbakat!

(Okay, now I have a thing to write about. Bring it on!)

Don't you just love listening to a song that brings you back down the memory lane? In my case, most of the songs that have such magical ability to do that are related to the girls I had crush on. Blink-182
s I Miss You, If You Were Mine by Marcus Hernandez, the indonesian bands' songs, and the J-Rocks. Strangely enough, I still have those songs in my external hard disk, CDs I burned and my phone.

Shit, so this is what blogging after 2am feels like? You just start to write some personal stuff hahaha.

Back to my story.

Hmm..where was I again...

Okay, that's it. I am awake but my brain just told me off for forcing it to come up with interesting shits and stuffs...

Speaking of shit, what do you do when you have this 1 person in your Whatsapp group, that has been posting up pictures of shit. Like real shit. Dung. Poop. Feces. Human waste, excreted from your backside.

That is some grossest shit I've ever seen. I can stand the sight of blood (probably? LOL) but not this, man. I won't go into details lah, what kind of pics he sent to the group.....

I think if that guy posts another one soon, that's strike three already...I'm out. I don't know how my other friends can put up with that. Maybe I am one of the least tainted, polluted, (if not, the least), people in the group. Or others are into that shit. LOL pun intended.Wait, is that even a pun.

Okay, I better go to sleep.

Before I go, here's a picture of freshly,bak - just kidding. I don't have the guts to google for pictures of shit like that guy.

Fakkk...that guy needs help....


plain83 said...

eeeeeuuu... shit fetish? that dude needs serious psychiatric help before e-coli gets him for real... naaawh, maybe he's just a trolling arse, tak makan nasihat punya orang... biarkan saja dia dgn ketahian dia... hahah

Danial Jaafar said...

no idea if he's into that shit. hahaha.
maybe just trying to drive us all up the wall. or like you aptly put, a trolling arse!



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