Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Parenting Done Right

I gotta say, I am not embarrassed to admit that I had tears streaming down my cheeks as I watched this video.

source: Huffington Post

Parenting done right.

Apparently it was Children's Day so that explains the presents. I thought if it was a birthday celebration, surely there would be food. Anyway, that is not the point. The point is, this boy, after opening up the first present and reading the card, could still be brimming with happiness and joy even though he just received a wooden chopping board, instead of an iPad or a tablet. The shape of the board does look like it could be an iPad or tablet. But this lovely child appreciates it as it is a gift from his parents.

Then comes the second present, I was already choking with tears, seeing the boy glowing with happiness after seeing that box in the shoebox...and burst into tears, feeling grateful for the unexpected, pleasant surprise...pleasant seems to be an understatement, I reckon welcoming is more like it.


Meanwhile a boy his age, somewhere in the big, developed cities is throwing a tantrum for having only a Samsung Galaxy S5 instead of a new iPhone 6..

To be fair, the parents have promised him last year that they will get him an iPhone 6.


On another note, it is my 27th birthday today.

Another year, hopefully wiser.
If I am not getting any wiser, do forgive me for I try. Believe me, I do.


plain83 said...

Happy belated birthday September boi, sorry for the untimely wish X3

Danial Jaafar said...

thank you plain83. it's the thought that counts XD

AS said...

Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate ? Email me at Hope to hear soon. Thanks!
ps: the video in this post is really heart warming :)

Danial Jaafar said...

oh, hi AS and thank you for your comment. Sure, will email you. LOL


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