Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Offer! Discount! Dan Etcetera Etcetera

Start with etcetera etcetera first. So, it's been a tiring week. And will stay that way until I don't know when. Thank God we have weekend! Now that reminds me of Rebecca Black's Friday. In case you guys have no idea what is it about you guys can check out the song here. It's a MV actually. People still talk about it even though it's been on the net for a month already. And it already got more than 10 millions views! Though there are more thumbs down, dislikes than the positive feedbacks. Poor girl. hehe

Am looking forward to this Friday, and the weekend as well. I will tell you why this Friday why am I so excited. Hehehe. No spoiler please in the comment section =P And this weekend, another cousin is getting married. This time in Seremban. So, planning to stay for a night in Seremban. The bride's side will be held on Saturday in Nilai, so from my place to Nilai, and then to Seremban for the night for the groom's side at my aunt's place in Seremban. Congrats Abang En! =)

Lately I've been lucky. My streak of lucks start with winning Zack's blog's contest. And then, I won myself a RM30 Jusco cash voucher. And that many. Oh well. Start with something small first, hehehe. 
Actually I just won myself a....

Jeng jeng! Discount voucher for 3 days 2 nights at Equatorial Cameron Highland!
Well, this one I got it from BSN. I'm pretty sure there are others who got themselves these vouchers too. I received a text saying I won a discount voucher from BSN. I thought it was a scam, but I checked mybsn out, and saw that BSN was giving out discount vouchers to those who use their online banking service. After they verified that I have already signed up using the online service (since October last year) they emailed me informing me that I would receive the discount vouchers sometime next week (last week). I must have forgotten about that, until my housemate came home last night and handed me the envelope. Boy was I excited. Now, who wants to come with me? XP
WAHHH!! Bargain of the day!
And this! Received an email notification from Groupon about their deals for today and I am gonna get this! It's been ages since I read RD. And my dad had canceled his RD's subscription too. I think it's a good reading material for lower secondary school students. I want this! Only that there's been problem with CIMB online banking service. Oy, what's wrong???

Hmm..any other offers/contests/discounts you don't mind sharing with me?



nubab said...

Gila ah ding dong!!tahniah di atas baucer itu bang hahaha..
abg en kahwin r?tolg smpaikn salam adib..hehe

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

oh terima kasih terima kasih. hehehe
ha'ah abang en kahwin plak hujung minggu ni. Insya Allah dib. heheh


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