Monday, November 1, 2010

Akukah Orangnya??? XP

I only managed to make a short update this morning. It was really a short update. Go check it out here. When I reached my workplace, I straight away got to my work. I will talk about that later on I guess. =P

So, when it was finally time for a break, which was at noon, I checked my blog and saw Miss Molmolla's shoutout to me at my chatbox.

wahhhh! kamu memang ah contest zack!

And I was like, "memang"? Could she mean, menang? OMG the first time ever I won a contest, I told myself, excitedly. So I did check out Zack aka Insan Tinggi's blog and true it was, I am one of the three winners of her Raya Sakan Contest! Weeee~ I'm not sure what prizes I have won but thanks to the main judge and the special guest judge, Att. Hehehe

see my name there? third row hehehe XD
Thanks for choosing my post as one of the top three. hehehe, thanks to the announcement, I got a lot of traffics today even though I didn't update my blog since morning. XP Check out my post for the Raya Sakan Contest by Insan Tinggi. Hahaha, I never thought I could be one of the winners really. Congratulations to other winners too, natsumiakira, saatkukaupilih, azurarahman, cieut, dan cipfarah. =)

Tiring day just now, so gonna rest a bit more...



JaJa'Z said...

my cousin and my friend menang...huuwaaaaaaa...takpe2 ..takde rezeki kali ni..lain kali cuba la lagi...mujur la dulu2nya contest menang jek...tahniah bro..

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hehe thanks kak ja. kasi can blogger yang baru nak aktif =P

JaJa'Z said...

takpe2..akak kasi chance...lepas ni..akak kena fight balik..hehhe

Fathiah Jasni said...

hoho.. tahniah! lepas ni, mesti naik semangat nk join contest lagi, kan?

Att Ashburn said...

congrats :)
zack suka benor gambar tu hehe

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

kak ja, bring it on! LOL XP

mcwan, haha kena tengok contest jenis apa. hehehe!

Att Ashburn, benarkah? gambaq tengah makang je pon. heheheh...malu I! XD


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