Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Raya Sakan Contest Has Done

Surely I did tell you guys a couple of days ago how the traffic to my blog has shot up real crazy. And my Raya Sakan post has become the highest viewed post for this week, beating my Dash Yonkuro FTW, where it has been viewed 101 times and counting, while my Dash Yonkuro FTW - 45 times. Epic man, epic.

That day when the result was announced.

This week's stats.

 Hmm, and I don't know who this girl is but I decided to block her on Formspring. Sorry cik adik, but every time I get a question on formspring I would feel obliged to answer it. Tapi kalau hari-hari soalan lebih kurang pasal gf bf makan ke belom, rimas dan menyampah jugak la kan. Hahaha, maybe her other friends on formspring can stand that but not me. LOL 

no hard feelings =P

Thank you very much to Insan Tinggi. I hope her preparation to fly back home will be as planned and she and her family are all good during this monsoon season. hasn't really rained that bad here in Kerteh. When I mentioned how strange the monsoon season has  been, my mom just replied, "Kuasa Allah, semua boleh jadi"

Yes, true indeed.


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