Monday, November 15, 2010

Video Game FTW

Tiru Dash Yonkuro FTW! =P Why am I blogging about video games now? Because I wanna play one. Haven't got the chance to do that in years! Ok, maybe not. The last time I played a video game was on my PSP which is not working anymore since I got the PSP screen smashed. Not really smashed into pieces, more like cracked on the inside. And, no it's not a secret anymore. Apparently my parents knew about it =___=" There's nothing that they don't know about their children. LOL I make it sounds as if we siblings are under 24/7 surveillance. Which is true

Now that I've got myself a job, I already have plans on what I should do with my pay.
First thing first - fix my PSP! I even got my PSP here with me, just in case I feel like getting it fixed either by myself or at Low Yat. But not that sure about Low Yat, they might just rip me off. Should have got it done when I was still in Gippsland, because Semun offered to get the screen replaced once I bought the LCD screen for my PSP.

My dream gadget...hahaha! PSP Go + iPhone?
  Hmm...I think just the PSP first. One at a time. I got other more important things to deal with than the games actually. Is it time for me to abandon the games?



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