Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog Contests... =___=

Hahahahahahhancus! I mean, I never got to win any contest I take part. Sigh so sad. LOL this is not a blog post with the intention to earn the readers' and other bloggers' sympathy ok. Just an intro to start my blog post today. Hahahaha. What an intro!

Not good enough. I mean not interesting enough. Hahaha

You guys know about the DiGi iPhone 4 contest on Nuffnang last month right? Well, I took part in it and obviously I didn't win since my name isn't in the final 5 (or is it final 4?) Hmm, I think I should take part in more of Nuffnang's contests and events since I'm here already, somewhere in Serdang or Seri Kembangan or even Kajang. Just now during lunch, the boss Dr. T said, this place is really funny. The postcode is Serdang, but the municipal city council is Kajang, and got some more but I was too busy enjoying the nasi beriyani I couldn't bother to listen to what he was talking about LOL I was so bad!

Anyway back to my story. Yeah, since I'm quite close to KL, or Sunway, won't take more than 1 hour to travel also, I should join those events and activities, movie screenings organised by Nuffnangs. As for now I think I am just going to use public transport. No car and no motorbike also. Hehehe.

Hmm, Nuffnang got new movie screenings, and some contests I think. There's the Blackberry phone contest, Churchurp blogging contest, the new cheesy Pizza Hut contest, coming movie Skyline's screening and many more. So exciting eh. But need to always check the wallet. =P

Now that I think about it, I don't know if I should join the Blackberry phone contest or not. Like so thick face go suck up to Blackberry after failing to win the iPhone 4 LOL. But what the heck. Just go for it. =P

Dear visitors, let me know of any blog contest that I may join. I won't probably join all those photography-related contests. Not that interested hahaha but I know how to appreciate good photos. I'm just lazy to learn how to take really good photos like most bloggers I know.


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