Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

How badly I want a DiGi iPhone 4??

This bad -

Well, I wish it could have gone longer you know but this is good enough. Hehe.
When I first saw the DiGi teaser ad, I knew, that it must be about the iPhone 4! I wish I was in KL today, then I could at least have a look on the new iPhone 4.. since I'm pretty much broke and jobless I can't possibly buy the phone myself unless my parent bought it for my belated birthday present =P. Then, Nuffnang came at the right time. My saviour, my hero. Suddenly organising this contest! XD

Now, let's go down to the business - why I want this DiGi iPhone.

I gotta say I fell in love at first sight looking at its new design. So typical of Apple products, and I really really love how those gadgets from Apple look. Shiny, metallic, sleek.

Not only that, now you can make video calls on iPhone, and with DiGi, I'm pretty sure video calling is made easy and affordable. You can sign up for an iPhone 4 plan from as low as RM 58/month!! If my parents gonna buy me this iPhone, they don't have to worry about the monthly bill because I'm pretty sure I can pay it myself So, if I get an iPhone 4, I can still manage to pay the bill LOL Imagine surfing the net when I'm too bored waiting for my turn for interview. Hey, I can even google as a last minute preparation for the interview =P
And no need to worry about the battery life span, I can go online for 6 hours if I'm on 3G and 8 hours or so on WiFi. Cool huh?

Ah, I really hope I can get this DiGi iPhone. If I do win it, I'm gonna record my victory speech with the iPhone's HD Video Recording and I'm gonna post it up on YouTube, my blog and Facebook! Woohooo! XP
Bii, I'm just kidding. I'm not sexy at all. Even when I get an iPhone 4, I will be just a bit sexy only. =P

ps: Wanna have a go in this contest? Check out this link. ;) May the best man win. Or woman. May the best one win. Simple. Sheeshh..



♂ iDa hArYaNniE ♂ said...

iphone4!!iphone4!! u must grab it!!!~

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

*grab, and then run away* =P
ala kak yan dah ada BB. heheh


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