Thursday, September 2, 2010

Suasana Raya Kian Terasa

Yeah, you can feel the excitement really. The kids, ladies, housewives. Kids are excited because comes 1 Syawal, they get to wear their new clothes. If that's not exciting enough for them, the duit raya is definitely something that the kids are looking forward to. The ladies? Well, for most, this is the time they get to put on beautiful extravaganza baju kurung/kebaya I don't know, and perhaps tudung Syria? LOL XP
Housewives, on the other hand, will use the "Raya setahun sekali" excuse to get the husbands change some old furnitures (if not the whole set), curtains, get new Corelle sets or Port Merion or whatever brand it's called because seriously I don't know LOL wtheck?

Anyway, yesterday I went to Mesra Mall for the first time this Ramadhan. Man, that's a record! So, imagine the new things I saw there.
The entrance after some touch ups. =P

Well, got other stuff but I am not like most bloggers who can ignore other people and just snap photos of anything they want to snap, wherever they are. Even while taking a photo of this, I was a bit embarrassed already.

I hate seeing cars parked anyhow only. They shouldn't have got their driving license. I mean, my parking skill sucks too, but I take the effort to park it properly every time I didn't get the car in the box.

Even though raya is just around the corner, I don't really hear any lagu raya being played. Maybe because I don't tune in to the radio. Not that it matters anyway. I will get to hear plenty of lagu raya comes 1 Syawal.

Speaking of lagu raya, if you're looking for Black Dog Bone's Cahaya Aidilfitri, just click here. LOL (perhaps I'm the only person who likes singing the song)

My bro is on the bus now. And my mom is baking another biskut raya - Biskut Gajus. Not my favourite but I eat Biskut Gajus. I don't say no to food. I don't want to be disrespectful LOL unless it's not Halal of course. =P



mizz sue said...


Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha mizz sue, nanti saya kongsi gambar di sini. bentuk macam gajus, lepas tu ada kacang atas tu. ada jugak yang takde kacang, cuma kosong camtu je. hehe


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