Sunday, September 5, 2010


The little brother Hafiz is fasting today. This will be his third time fasting this month. We've been encouraging him to join us fasting and I must say he is doing much better than I was last time. I blogged about how I got his mind off his hunger when he fasted the second time by getting him to do some paintings. Now you can see his artworks. LOL

~Jeng jeng jeng~

I guess most kids want to be pilots. Been there. Heehe

The drawing at the left is "orang tidur berdiri"? and the right one is our work. That's why a bit better. A bit only since I'm quite a failure when it comes to drawing, colouring. =___=

This afternoon, I thought why not buy him a slice of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence Cake to reward him. So, we went to the mall, headed down to Secret Recipe. Ended up buying a lot of stuffs for him LOL a soccer ball, plastic shuttlecocks, and Big Apple donuts. Sheeesh.. We are spoiling him alright.

Later after we got back, he asked my mom "Jom makan malam nanti" and my mom said we are going to makan malam when we break fast. Then he corrected himself, changing the makan malam tu makan luar. After much hesitation and discussion my parents made a last minute plan to have our first Ramadhan buffet in Paka. I'm not a fan of Ramadhan buffet as I think it defeats the purpose of the holy month. But I sure get tempted and seduced looking at the pictures posted up on blogs, facebook. Hahah =P

So, there you go, the perks of being the youngest child in the family. You basically get everything. Aishh...


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