Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, What Happened Yesterday?

Yesterday eh? Almost the same thing everyday, but not bored. I always got things to do. Hahaha. Anyway, congratulations to my lil' bro Zulhafiz for being able to go through his second day of fasting yesterday! He was..err, you can say suffering on his first day, and didn't want to fast the next few days after that. But, he braced himself through the hot day and for that, kudos kiddo! =P

I managed to get him do this - paintings. Hey, who knows he might have a gift in this. Abah has a talent in drawing too bad his kids don't take that after him.

Later that evening, an hour before break fast I went outside the house something I don't remember what was it. Anyway, when I stepped outside the door, I found this! And I managed to take a pic of it first hahah =P

Someone came in and left this at our doorstep. What could it be?

Looking closer, it is a box courtesy of Terengganu MB, Ahmad Said (or affectionately called by the locals, Mat Said). And I guess it right that it's a box of kurma. Hahaha. Thanks a lot MB. May you have a good and fulfilling Ramadhan. hehe

So, that's all folks. Now, I feel like updating the blog often. The first few days of fasting wasn't that active. I must get back on my feet! HORAAAA!! =P

oh, and selamat berpuasa, once again. =)

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