Sunday, September 19, 2010

Liverpool vs Manchester United Tonight

Not gonna be an easy one I guess. It seems that things are going the way I have expected in my entry last time. Liverpool seem to be doing well on Europe stage but just so-so domestically in the league.

I haven't blog much about Liverpool lately but I still keep myself up-to-date with the results and all. 1 Win-2 Draw-1 Loss = 5 points. That's the result so far. But they won all the games so far in their UEFA Europa League campaign. 5 wins! And now they top the group after trashing Steaua Bucureşti 4-1.

Joe Cole was superb that night and I guess he's feeling a bit more comfortable and confident now after scoring his first goal for Liverpool that night courtesy of Steaua's defender giving a poor back pass to the goalie. Joe Cole reacted swiftly, took the ball and scored, just nice. After being sent off in his debut match and missed the penalty when the Reds were against Trabzonspor, this goal came at a crucial moment for Joe Cole. David Ngog and Lucas made sure that in second half that Liverpool came out as a leader of the group after scoring another 3 goals; Ngog scored 2 goals.

Everyone has been saying that with such a brilliant win few days ago, Liverpool can pose a real threat to Man United, plus the Red Devils still can't forget the 1-4 humiliation they suffered last season at Old Trafford. I don't know. I really hope that Liverpool at least can play the way they play in Europa League. But even their good performance against Trabzonspor at the second leg didn't give them a boost to win against Birmingham. Something is missing you know. =/

Since I'm no football expert, I got no say on what formation should they play and who should play. I thought Torres was ready but I think he still needs more time to get used to the pitch. Joe Cole was banned from playing 3 matches since the sent off in the first game and that might explain why they performed really good at Europe and just so-so in the premier league. I hope they can win against Manchester United.

Would be great if Liverpool can win 4-1 again..LOL =P

Sorry Bii, I'm not gonna root for Manchester United tonight! =P I'm a Liverpool fan afterall.


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