Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trabzonspor 1-2 Liverpool (1-3)

Good morning everyone! =)
Great start this weekend. The Reds won their away game against Trabzonspor 2-1! Came back from one goal down and now advance to the group stage of the tournament.

Alone or not, they got the job done. =P

Kuyt's mistake early in the game when he lost the ball to the Turkish side caused them to concede the first goal of the match. I gotta say though, superb pass to the goalscorer and he calmly put it at the back of the net. Dang! The home side seemed to be in total control in the first half though Liverpool slowly started to get themselves into the game.

As the play went on to the second half, Ngog found himself almost scoring two goals in just 5 minutes. Tough luck big guy. Joe Cole actually has been playing really well since he got in Liverpool. The passes, the attacking mindset he showed, it's almost the same as when he was in Chelsea last time, if not better. Liverpool were on offense and dominated the second half well. And finally got the two goals at the last 10 minutes, first one is own goal and the second one scored by Dirk Kuyt. Hehehe, trying to make up for his mistake earlier I guess. =P

Job done, well done!

Though they won, a lot of critics said the Liverpool are off with a pretty shaky start. What I think? I think they are still adapting with the changes they have to make since Javier Mascherano is leaving for Barcelona. I think they did pretty well with all the speculations and hypes revolving the transfer, plus playing at the enemy's turf, against a club who never lost their home game.
It might be far stretched to say we might see another success at the European stage. Remember 2004/2005 season when Rafa Benitez first took over the club? They went on and took the title as the European Champion. They did fairly well in EPL but showed great games, better performance (and luck perhaps? =P) in the Champions League. And it won't be impossible for them to win the Europa Cup if they secure themselves a replacement for Mascherano (who is going to Barcelona) and probably a striker?

But, let's not get my hope too high hahaa. It's still early. Under the new manager I won't be putting much pressure to see the desired result. Imma give Roy Hodgson time. Because that is what he needs besides money. =P

With that 22 million pounds from Mascherano's transfer, Hodgson should be able to get a good midfielder, if not as good as Mascherano.


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