Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why Vampires Suck

Err, no. I'm not taking part in Nuffnang's blog contest "why vampires suck" because i believe not all vampires on TV suck like the recently new breed of vampires.
It's the vampires from Twilight! No offense to those who like it. I'm not attacking you or your personalities, but just the vampires from Twilight.

First of all, glittering when exposed to the sunlight? That's not vampire, that's probably some forest fairies. Still remember this quote people -

he lives in the wood,
he doesn't kill human,
and he glitters when he's in the sun
..the dude is absolutely a fairy.

Glittering in sun

I grow up watching vampires being torched once they are outdoor, in the sun damn it. The vampires from Buffy, Angel. Hmmm..only these two series? I think there are others but yeah, I watch these two only so far.
Anyway, I'm sleepy and since I'm not a vampire, I should sleep at night. And not breaking into some girl's room. =P So, I leave you guys with this.


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