Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Edward Cullen Is Not A Vampire?

Edward Cullen is not a vampire.
he lives in the woods,
he doesn't kill humans,
& he glitters when he's in the sun...
the dude is obviously a fairy.

No offense to twilight fan. Haha. But when me and my guy housemates first watched Twilight, we were like - WTF dude... we have this image of vampires as night creatures that have this craving for blood and will get burned if exposed to the sunlight. And the only vampire I know that doesn't kill humans but save them is Angel. That too because he got cursed by a Gypsy after running amok on almost every part of the world.

The coolest vampire I ever know. I heard the vampires from Vampire's Diary are pretty bad ass too.



ken said...

haha.. nice one =P

Fathiah Jasni said...

hahahaaa.. nk setuju pon, i'm one of the fans.. nak kate x setuju pon, the things u're talking bout tu btol! :P

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha ken, thanks for dropping by ;)

mcwan, in dilemma huh? =P


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