Friday, August 20, 2010

Liverpool 1-0 Trabzonsport

Europa League's Qualifying Round
Not a really convincing scoreline, considering they played in Anfield. They should have got another one bagged in but Joe Cole missed the penalty. Man, that bloke sure is taking his time to make an impressive performance with Liverpool. His first match against Arsenal he got sent off, and now he missed his penalty. Let's hope he will set up a goal or two after this.

But good to know Babel scored, he had missed a lot of actions after being sidelined due to injury. I thought last season would be his last time playing for the Reds and he would be playing at Galatasaray, following the footsteps of another former Liverpool striker, Harry Kewell.

Which brings us to this news - Kewell's reply to former Australian teammate Robbie Slater who is now a column writer, match analyst, commentator on FoxSports, sort of like Malaysian Astro Sports Channel 801. Anyway, to put it simply, Slater said that Kewell had not been useful to the Australian team during the World Cup. And when Kewell got interviewed by Slater himself on FoxSports, he took his chance and hit back at Slaters -

"When I heard about the article and read the article, obviously I was disappointed that an ex-Australian teammate of mine would write something like that when he knows clearly that every time I've been in the Australian squad I've always shut my mouth, done my work and kept myself to myself and done the business on the park," Kewell said via phone from Istanbul.

"When he writes something like a players told me to `F off' and saying that I was no value to the Socceroos any more, I find that a little bit harsh.

"What gives the right to you Robbie, to make that kind of statement without knowing the actual facts?"

Well, you can go to MSN Nine for more stories of Kewell-Slater's dispute. What do I think? I think Kewell is a great player, even before he joined Liverpool from Leeds United. And he played really well too in the last World Cup against Serbia where the midfields and the forwards were all on offensive and Socceroo are at their best when they take control of the match. Unfortunately the Aussie has been hit with injury problems throughout his career. I wish him all the best with his current team, the Turkish Galatasaray.

On a much personal note, I want Liverpool's new kit! With Standard Chartered on it, not Carlsberg because I already got one courtesy of my man Ben Russell. Thanks dude! XD
I don't wear it anymore now that I'm back home. Last time I put it on only when I go to bed. =P



ken said...

i own a liverpool jersey too.. not that im a fan.. but got it from carlsberg company.. i dont even wear it.. =P

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahah im a fan. not hardcore fan. but then again ive been a fan since im 10 years old. lol
but u have to agree with me when i say Man U jersey sucks..hahah =P


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