Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Must Thank God

Man, the past few days have seen me being blessed with foods and free shirt. Jersey to be exact.

Yummy sambal made all the difference!

First off, nasi lemak from Abang Kamal and Kak Lindah. Wah, I'm so touched man. Abang Kamal asked me after Friday prayer if I got plan and going somewhere. Because he said he wanna gimme something. "Adalah sikit nak bagi" (Got something to give, nothing much). Man,thanks heaps Abang Kamal and Kak Lindah. ;)

Pulut kuning! Woohoo!!

On Sunday, Kak Ja called me, asking me if I can wait at my usual "pick-up drop-off" point. I said, sure, why? Hahaha, sudah tahu pura-pura, know already ask somemore =P Was pleased to see Kak Sofi was with Kak Ja in the car too. I hope all of them are doing fine. I feel kinda bad for not being able to at least drop by and ask how are they all doing. I should at least see them before I leave..

~Chicken Parm,Parm, Chicken Parm, Parm~

And just now Adib bought me this Chicken Parm Sandwich for lunch. Man, I rarely buy the food from cafeteria because it's expensive =P haha cheapskate! Thanks Adib, at least got to try this awesome Chicken Parm. Worth the money la even though it's a bit expensive.. =P

Liverpool Jersey!!

Guess what? My mate Ben Russell is generous enough to ask around if anyone wants free jerseys. I was like pinching my cheek if this is really happening. Hahaha. So like a kid I asked for Liverpool jersey, which he only had 2, now got 1 since I grabbed it already hauhauhau!! He got plenty more of Chelsea's and England's. See how, I might gonna ask for England's..hehehe. Heck not Chelsea!! XP

Thank you God for blessing me with these people. I sure hope that I get to meet generous amazing people like them in the future.



JaJa'Z said...

danial: adib kat sana jugak ke? ke adib lain ni?

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

adib lain. hahah =P


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