Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Water Moments

My water moments? Not that many nowadays. I went to swimming lessons when I was 8 years old but I didn't really like to go swimming pool, beach, or any place you can dip in for that matters. You see, I was shy and embarrassed with my big, fat, round body. So that explains why I don't really have that many pictures going to that kind of place. =P

But I gotta admit, going to Mornington Peninsula for deep sea fishing is the best water moment I had so far. Sure, my friends and I weren't allowed to take a dip while fishing there (or more like didn't want to because the water must have been freezing cold!!) because you wouldn't want to spoil your friend's fun and thrill reeling in the line thinking "I've caught a big one!!!!" when actually it was just you got stuck at the hook =_= must be painful.. *brr*

Deep Sea Fishing in Mornington Peninsula

Looking at these fishing rods, I can't help to wonder how it would look like in the water. Can we really see any fish? But since everyone's camera and phone are not waterproof, there was really no close shot of the fishing rods. Hmm, who knew what could be in the picture. I might have got few snapshots of the fishes I caught seconds before they realised "What The Fish?!?!"

If I had a water proof camera I wouldn't be too worried of getting too close to the water and take the photos of the crystal clear water. From the picture above the water doesn't look like crystal clear alright. Heck, I wouldn't hesitate to dip the camera in the water just for few pictures XD

Even mermaid can camwhore now!

The new Sony TX5 is just what I need. Why? Not only it is water proof, it is also, dust proof, temperature proof and shock proof. Shock proof? Just what I need, you know after what happened to my PSP, LOL you know what I'm saying =P I guess I don't have to worry even if my lil bro is playing with it and drops it *OPPSS* because he's not that tall yet, and the camera should be okay even if it is dropped at the height of 1.5m. It's a cool feature too for the camera to withstand even –10ºC because as you know, it is cold in when you are in the water especially the open sea.

With this camera, I wouldn't have to worry to drag it around if I go to the pool, or any water theme park. You know how usually people don't have a lot of shots when they go to water theme park. Most of the time they ask their parents to take pictures because the parents don't like (or have to =P) stay off water and dry to take pictures for the kids. Poor thing.

Sony TX5, with water proof, temperature proof, dusty proof and shock proof features equipped with enhanced anti-blur mode and also capable of taking 10 photos in 1 second. Sugoi na! Can use to take picture of me shooting the hoops or playing badminton! *ewahh*



Anonymous said...

good luck to you. :)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

thanks! =D


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