Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ano onna

"Bashful, yet bold."

"Apa dia?"

"Japanese girl."

"Damn I didn't know you knew one.'

"Heh. Ada la. Not your typical Japanese girl though.."

It went silent again. Glued to their phones. Same routine for Nathan and Brooke.

"So, you know I dig person/things that don't fit the stereotype."

"Oh, are we still talking about that Japanese girl?"

"Hahaha kinda. Anyway, she's tall and lanky for a Japanese."

"Is she a model, then? Since she's blessed with height?"

"Naah, according to her anyway. But I like that modesty in her."

"Hahaha, like what, one of the Malays sayings? Ikut resmi padi, makin berisi makin tunduk?"

"Damn, you've made remarkable improvement. Powerr.

But are you saying she's fat, mate?"

And the two Mat Sallehs stop hanging out after that.

-The End-

PS: The Japanese girl isn't fat. She's small built depsite her towering height.


Intan Saffyna said...

hi, saya datang singgah follow sini :)
salam kenal :)

plain83 said...

Hahaha LoL I actually laughed, seriously weh... X'D


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