Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Feel

He's been busy googling. To him, Google is his best friend. Best mate. His guru. His advisor. His consultant. His all. Well, almost all.

There is one thing Google can't be. Sure, Google can keep him less bored, entertained and stimulated as well. But never did he think of ending up like Joaquin Phoenix in 'Her'.

He's still at it. Searching through the archive of knowledge and junks. None seems to be the answers. Or maybe none that he likes to hear, see and read. He's getting more restless. Almost like a boy frantically looking for his toy to accompany him to sleep. A reassurance, kind of?

After a while, composing himself to the chair, he breathes out "I feel..." "I feel..." over and over again.

He does feel more comfortable, at peace with himself after telling himself. That he is the master of himself. The owner of any emotion, feeling running in his veins. And he will be the one, deciding the course of his action.


plain83 said...

I feel... muda remaja. I am... I am... (convincing myself) XD

Danial Jaafar said...

keep lying to yourself and be in denial, Danial. hahaahaha =P


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