Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What does that make me

The Malays I met are walking contradictions.

Or maybe they just give off this "I deserve more than another typical Malay" vibe.

Or maybe I am assuming such because I think I deserve more than the typical Malay lady whose favourite pastime involving any Malay romcom on TV 3, Astro channels.

Or just so happened the Malays I met think too much about the uncertainty that is the future.

That it paralyses both the Malays I met and know, and I.

It pisses me off that I am more troubled by this petty problem as compared to World crisis.

Listening to love songs got me riled up and all worked up. Listening to news... let's leave it at that.


plain83 said...

Easily annoyed as you grow older <-- that's what makes you.

Don't worry danneh, I think I'm going through this phase too. Hahaha..ha! :DDD

As I grow older, it has become quite easy for me to spot contradictions in a person's speech. The more one speaks (or texts), the more chances of that person contradicting oneself. We ourselves might be doing the same bloody thing without realizing it, and that is a bloody fact that we hate to admit. Humans, you and I... humans are self-contradicting creatures.

Danial Jaafar said...

That's the biggest significant revelation of them all! That all of us are bunch of self-contradicting creatures!

"I don't care as long as he's responsible" and end up with some douches who can barely stick to a job longer than Kim K with the basketball dude.

"I don't do that, it's sinful!" said the man, looking down at the young man playing guitar or singing for example.

"Don't let that ungrateful son of yours come back to this house!" yelled the father hours before sending off his PA to wire some money to the son's bank account.

Hahahaha some examples huh

plain83 said...

How about this example: Tipah memberitahu Milah yang nasi goreng masakan Milah itu sangatlah tidak sedap, sambil terus menyuap nasi goreng itu ke mulutnya tanpa henti sampailah pinggannya menjadi licin. LoL. Imagine this, "Tak sedapnya!" nyam nyam nyam, "Serius tak sedap!", nyam nyam nyam, "Apa benda kau masak ni ha?", nyam nyam nyam... LoL! XD


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