Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Journal Living Offline Day 2

Second day. I was expecting it to be tougher than day 1, because I am currently away, on leave to Tioman!
You know how it's like nowadays when people go on vacation. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook will be flooded with new posts.
As much as I'd like to post up pics on my Instagram and Twitter, I chose to send pics to my two friends back in JB. Well, technically only 1 did receive because in spite of the 3G connectivity here (super fast) I can't send or even receive pics. Somehow only 1 picture did go through to the mainland LOL.
I found myself busy talking, fooling around with my buddies here, taking pics for myself, and sleeping after reaching my room. I even did some reading.
Having socmed in my life dictating my every move is rather suffocating. I found myself to be on my toes all the time. And I'm just talking about myself. Pretty sure everyone else has different experience with socmed.
Socmed has its purpose of connecting people. That's exactly what it does. Long lost friends, relatives, business to clients, potential spouses. But things just got too easy that reconnect, connect with people has lost that human, personal touch to it.
That's why last night after dinner, I called my Mom. I called my two close friends in JB, for a small chat to catch up with their days. Gotta say, it felt more rewarding to talk to them and hear them on the phone. (Or in other words, rindu terubat)

So, I will probably not update my life living off socmed that often, but thanks to those who have read 'em all. 

I'm gonna go take my morning the beach hehehehe


plain83 said...

Aku nak komen pics je, nice pics. Lama dah aku tak jejak Tioman Island. Tugu burung tiong besar tu ada lagi kan? Hahaha...

Danial Jaafar said...

tugu tiong? kat mana eh? tak perasan pulak. i is turun dekat ABC jetty.

plain83 said...

Ahh ni mesti just melepak on that pretty side of the island je kan, takde nak panjat tangga kat bukit besar tu and check out the other side of the island kan? :D


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