Monday, August 15, 2016

Journal: Living Offline Day 1

For argument's sake, my blog here does not really count as social media. Plus who are we kidding? Millenials nowadays use Tumblr. I don't even know what it is for. So, blogging at Blogger, is rather ancient and outdated.

And to be honest, I did check my twitter on the my mobile Chrome, I was checking the traffic on PLUS highway southbound. Earlier today there was a terrible road accident involving a lorry, that blocked one lane so you could imagine how bad it was. Anyway, yeaaa, I was on twitter just for some good stuff, not to tweet and rant and babbling nonsense.

So, let's move on to my day 1, living offline.

I was fidgety. While waiting for my doctors, I found myself unlocking my phone, swiped it right, left, before opening Whatsapp and started chatting up every single friend on the top of my chat list, more often when my phone was quiet.

I would have likened this to drug addict's shaking hands and red eyes (that's usually the common withdrawal symptoms I heard associated with them)

But all in all, it wasn't that difficult. A friend of mine ia coping by playing all the games on her phone - Pokémon Go, CoC, Candy Crush, you name it. In my case, all those random, sparkling thoughts that would usually end up on my Twitter timeline, I'll just try to keep it up there, and blog 'em down.

Anyway, I will be away from tomorrow tl Thursday. Yeahhh, but I'll try blogging no worries mate fair dinkum Aussie mateeee!! Hahahaha

Good night!


plain83 said...

Quite the chitty-chatty person are you danneh, hahah XP

How about reviving the old trend of reading a physical book in public? To make it better, choose a book with a "difficult" title that makes you look so exquisitely smart (lulz)~

Danial Jaafar said...

I don't read in public. Besides, if those curators of Hot Guys with Books were to see me in public, I'd probably be humiliated because I'm not hot enough to be reading in public =P


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