Monday, August 15, 2016


It has never failed to amaze me the fact that the current, trending men's hairstyle - the pompadour, uppercut, undercut whatnot-cuts, were the thing back in the '50s! Either men have become lazy to invent crazy whackshit hairstyles, or we have come to terms with the cycle of life. To be frank, I was gonna say circle of life, thanks to Lion King's song, the circle of life okay besides my point just now, back to the '50s.

I think I did mention in my post before this that I don't have the knack to make a good, catchy opening, didn't I? Well, the paragraph above has just further confirmed it. What I was gonna say in this blog post, is that I have decided to get back with my blog, no compromise and no sharing with other social apps. Just me and my blog. Well, back then in 2007, I did have my blog and facebook but it's a little bit different this time. I just deleted all the social media apps on my phone, and deactivated my facebook account. May seem drastic to some but I have put much thought into it for months.

That last sentence just now is ridiculously funny. I never would have imagined a grownup man to be saying things like,

"Hey, so I have been thinking about this for a long time, and did consult few friends for their opinions. And I have decided to not be active on social media anymore."

because it just shows how big of an influence social media has in our lives. To almost 98% populations, and that number was just made up because I think the only ones with no social media accounts are really old people who can't be bothered (and to think that I am guessing that this 2% are old people means that there are other old people who have socmed accounts and quite active on it too) and just very few young people who had had enough with socmed. Yeah, socmed because I can't be bothered to type social media but I just did anyway to show you my point.

So, hopefully, this will bring my writing mojo back. I did write some stuffs and stuffed it all in my hard drive but I really think they all lack something. I just don't know what and to ask my writer friend to check my work...hmm maybe not now.

Okay, guys. This blog is gonna be boring as! And for those who have been with me since the day I blogged, thank you very much!

And if you still choose to read the rambling rants, weird penned down stories, I could only thank you for spending your precious 1-3 minutes here. Oh, time is a commodity and I am afraid I have just wasted yours for nothing!


plain83 said...

Nawhhh I like reading your "weirdly-penned-out" stories, do carry on ;3

Ah yes, I remember that time (long, long time ago) when I told some of my friends that I've decided to terminate my friendster acc., and boy it sure sounded like such a big, life-changing decision to make! Lel those were the days of adolescence X3

plain83 said...

I mean "weirdly-penned-down" stories, hahaha... penned out pulak dah, LoL! XP

Danial Jaafar said...

Terharu gila la, ya Allah, ada orang sudi membaca my "weirdly penned down" stories! 😭😭

Seriously, most of us live too much of our lives on social media. It's a totally different world, that side.

plain83 said...

Meh aku bagi hang rasa lagi terharu, with another fact. I always go back to previous entries and read your replies to my comments, miahahaaa~ :D

Danial Jaafar said...

Perghhh, serius terharu. But I do that all the time because I can afford it, tak banyak komen here in my blog for me to keep up.

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