Friday, July 1, 2016

Random Pre-Raya Holiday

My flight is in less than 5 hours, so I decided to not go to sleep. So many things to do - laundry, packing (typical), work stuff and clean up. One thing I learned from Mak, when you'll be away from your home for quite some time, it is wiser to keep it clean and neat before leaving. It makes sense really. After a long trip and being away for a week ought to drain you. The last thing you want to do once you're home is to do laundry, clean up your bed for you to sleep comfortably. Though in all fairness, once you're dead tired you can fall asleep pretty much everywhere.

So, I have already scheduled some of my works up on my blog. Those are works I made over the course of few months, end of last year till few weeks back. I still have no idea why I did not just write it up on Blogger but chose to do them all on Words. But it's all good. I guess it gave me the focus I needed to consistently write even at the cost of being nagged (sorta) by few of those who read my blog. Thanks for the concern and nagging haahahha appreciate that.

Before I leave, let's take a sec to ask ourselves, are we being honest with ourselves?

(tiba-tiba tanya soalan serius)


With that, I bid Selamat Bersahur!


Mei Yii said...

Haha. Love your mum's tip. It's the best to get home from travels and have fresh sheets to sleep on!

I use Notepad to write. Even fewer distractions. Word's squiggly lines get me cos I'll be trying to correct my mistakes whenever I see them. I use Notepad++ to compose and then Grammarly on the browser. :) Only drawback is not being able to add pictures beforehand.

And, good question! I love honest people and being honest with self is one of the most difficult and humbling things to do.

plain83 said...

Mornin' Danniboih, hisashiburi da naaa~ XD

I'm not gonna nag Dan, won't be nagging cuz I myself have been pretty busy this year ngahahaa... untuk tahun ni setakat nih, 10 entries pun tak tercapai lagi kat blog gua lolololll X'3

*insert meme silly face sticker here*

Danial Jaafar said...

Mei Yii! Yeah, me mum's really practical. Hahaha. I've been using Words though I can add pictures, but I can't just copy the whole thing to blogger. Anyway, thanks for the comment. My blog posts are mostly just rambling and I'm not even writing to earn money, just for fun and hoping to improve as time goes. =)

Plain onee san! hahaha Same here, we've been busy huh? Datang JB do tell me, onegai shimasu! =D


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