Sunday, July 10, 2016


"I prefer the cold steel piercing my heart before my head decapitated, rather than picograms of arsenic in my iced tea. By the way, that is how I like my tea, iced."

Panjang lebar Akmal menyatakan keinginannya itu kepada PB. PB, ya, ialah seorang yang akan menjalankan permintaan setiap pelanggannya. Perusahaan yang dijalankan PB ialah memastikan perjalanan pelanggannya seperti yang dipinta mereka.

"You'd like it that I see you in your eyes as your life spirits away? Or would you rather not see anyone, any face in your last moment?"

",,,,Why do you think I came to you for all this, huh? "

"Sorry, I don't need the reasons. I don't want your WHY, I just need your HOW. So, let's do this again, one more time, You want my face to be the last thing you see, or not? "

"Fine. If I tell you I want it to be someone else, someone who's already dead, maybe, could you even pull that off? Huh??"



"I mean, I can. So, all is done, Details are as follow:

Date: 10th September 20xx
Time: 9:30am
Place: Client's place
Method: Savage + Mystique (tbc)

I will contact you the way we've been doing it 24 hours before the time set. Be ready."

"You sure, you won't mess this up?"

"Not for me to say." PB berhenti seketika sebelum memberikan pandangan matanya yang berkata, dia tidak pernah tersalah langkah.
"You'll hear from me in a week ttime."

Berlalu pergi PB dari kerusi itu. Akmal termenung memikirkan masa yang kian suntuk. Dilihatnya jam tangannya, baru pukul 5:09 petang.

"Bastard costs me a fortune and only sat down with his client for not even 5 minutes? Tch!"


ps: I decided to put bit by bit the stories I wrote. Mampuih pi la ada orang suka ke tak. Bila aku tiada, kalian boleh baca HAHAHAAHAH

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plain83 said...

Peh, PB ni berasal dari Nihon... 'dekimasu' katanya.

Anyway just before I came here, I read some global news on the net about a metador who got killed by a bull during the bull fight show. Dada dia kena rodok dengan tanduk lembu tu. Damn... what a way to die.


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