Saturday, July 9, 2016

Draftkens Released - Take A Chance On Me

"You like me, then?"

"No, it's not as simple as that."

"Are you playing me? Calling me out to the park in this cold night? What if old lady Claudia saw us?- "

"Let me finish. I don't just like you. In fact, I believe that phrase doesn't do justice to what I'm feeling. I have feelings for you."


"Sometimes, I feel like I'm being pulled towards you, as if you're my centre of gravitational point. I feel obliged to know your wherabouts. Have you settled down well at your new place with your grandma? Is there any broken lightbulb that needs to be changed?

I worry for you. I'm scared for you too.

That's why I just find myself caring for you. You think why would I be asking you everyday then? If you're okay whenever I see your sad posts on Tumblr? If you've eaten? If you've had enough sleep?"

"And I'm even happy for you, even that means I won't be the one that you deserve and choose at the end. I did that once when you ex-boyfriend came back in your life. But, I know now that I shouldn't have done that. So, here I am now, telling you this, Jinju ya, go out with me. I know, I don't make much as a tutor at the campus but at least I know I won't be a condescending jerk who takes you for granted. I know, I know, how I spout all that "men only know how to say shit, and how they sweet talk their ways around women" but this one time, let me prove myself and you, that there is one man who is not all that..."

"-I, I-"

"Take a chance on me, Jinju."

-March 2016-

And Taylor went on to sing and dance to Frankie J's Take A Chance On Me....

And it's not even a marriage proposal ROFLMAO

ps: Another draft I started writing after I got hooked watching KBS's Five Enough. Maybe I'll talk more about this drama next time. The ending part where the guy sings and dances to Frankie J's Take A Chance on Me is just something I came up just now. I can't sleep. Hahaha bugger me and my overthinking personality. =__=

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