Tuesday, June 28, 2016

After Long Hiatus, and Selamat Berpuasa!

Selamat berpuasa semua. Yeaahhhh, I know the blog is dusty as. I didn't mean to leave it this long. I got busy and I've been writing stuff on Words, and mobile apps. Meaning I do write from time to time. Heck, I think I did write about 3 stories? I'm a bit hesitant to post it up though, too much cheese and love in them stories hahaahahaha.

This is my latest one down here but not done yet. I just thought I post it up here.

To be honest, I like how it started but I've been having writer's block for days on this. What do I do when I get one? Well, I'll write another post later on it. My poor blog needs some posts. =P


"You know what?-"

She stares back at him and sees him with a grin.
"Well, let's be real. I'm no psychic hence I have no way what is it you're saying."
"Maybe if you let me finish my sentence first, dear."
"Oookayy. What is it then?"

"...never mind."

Goddd, I should have seen it coming, curses Danny. He did see all the signs before she broke the silence earlier. Anyway all is done and they're almost home.

"Here, your hot fudge sundae. Eat it up, it's melting. Like my heart is for you. ~wink~ <3 a="" danny="" gesture="" heart="" making="" p="" towards="" vee.="">"Mm kay, thanks."


Mei Yii said...

Haha. Bring on the cheese! You'll be surprised how many people actually enjoy love stories. After all, there's a whole genre dedicated to them.

Anyway, just wanted to encourage you to keep writing. I always feel that writing is like a "calling". Not everyone has the interest and the desire to write. I always admire fiction writers because... how on earth do you guys come up with these ideas!? So amazing. XD

Danial Jaafar said...

Yeah, fiction writers must be some crazily disciplined bunch, or perhaps the most random and passionate of all. I mean, I always imagine them springing to action when the have some fabulous idea for their stories, with no time wasted!


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