Monday, March 14, 2016

Google Photo

Do you guys have this in your phone?

A sneak peek into Google Photo Story. Trip to Perth

You should!

Google Photo automatically creates a story for every photo uploaded from my phone. Provided that the your GPS is on..I think?

So, what it does is based on the date and location of the photos, an album will be created. For example, I have so far, 4 albums - Trip to Aonang, Trip to KL and Lipe, Trip to Perth and Weekend in Singapore. All these, even the titles of the albums were created by Google Photo. Gempak!

If you did record a video or two, Google Photo will create a video compilations of the videos and photos you took. I have in my collection 2 video compilations. Awesome, awesome. 

I don't intend to share my stories eventhough I find the features really amazing. In a way, it makes up for our lack of physical photo albums as things have gone digital. 

Rindu belek-belek album gambar sebenarnya...



plain83 said...

Ohooo hahaha hey patutlah hang senyap je sekejap dari dunia blogging ni... hah baguih2, travel and savor the moment *thumbs up* ;3

Danial Jaafar said...

Takdak la travel tiap-tiap bulan, hehehe alasan je kalau cakap macam tu. Nak blog, tapi duk lupa, malasan gitu.

Insya Allah more istiqamah lepas ni.

cEro said...

I thought Google Photo is just an upgrade version of Picasa, tapi tak sangka power cenggitu sekali.
Nanti aku try bukak tengok apa jadi dlm phone aku ni.
Orang tak travel cam aku ni entah2 dia buat story psal duduk di rumah je. hahahah

Azwar Syuhada said...

Tak pernah dek umur belek google photo.. lepas ni nak cubalah ;)

Danial Jaafar said...

Hahahah cero, cuba la. Lepas tu share, nak tengok ko pergi mana! XP

Azwar, cuba jangan tak cuba! Terima kasih singgah =)


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