Monday, November 16, 2015

Love Can't Feed You, Sweetie.

Danny had been circling the area for almost an hour. Okay, maybe not that long but it sure felt that way to him, trying his best to park his car as close as possible to the shop. He was about to give up when he saw the brake light of an old car lit up. After months back in Malaysia, Danny had slipped back to his Malaysian ways and one of them is to park your car as close as you can to your destination. Some double park but Danny, at least had pledged not to follow suit as he still had the sense in him to consider other drivers.

Car parked, Danny headed to the shop. It, was a flower shop. a florist. Would be his first time buying flowers, in real life. He bought flowers online for his mother on her birthday, but never been, physically, to a florist to buy one of those bouquets. And once he was there, he just stood there, clueless.

"Okay, bro..what now?" he asked himself.

"Yes, sir, want to buy flowers?"

A cute, petite lady, perhaps, one of the staffs, asked. That red shirt she wore made her fair skin tone whiter than it already was.

"Oh, hmm, yep, I wanna buy flowers of course."

"Nak beli bunga apa, bang."

At least he knew what kind of flowers he needed to get.

"Lili. Ada kan, bunga lili putih."

"Ada, ni ada. Abang nak berapa, macam mana?" as the lady led him to the lilies arranged for display in front of the shop.

"Saya pun tak tau sebenarnya. Berapa satu bunga ni?" Danny was hoping to get the lady's assistance on this matter. I know shit about this kind of stuff man, he kept saying that. He knew he could get flowers at cheaper price if he bought it straight from the shop.

"Okay bang, satu kuntum bunga ni RM9. Tapi kalau buat bouquet lagi lawa, bang. Abang nak besar ke long bouquet?" the lady trying to close the sale, asking Danny that close ended question. Even though Danny was just a rookie insurance agent at that time, he knew the game she played and even though he felt like he was being reeled in, he did not yield.

"Hmm apa long bouquet, besar ni? Berapa pulak? Lagi murah saya beli satu-satu. Beli 6 lili ke, 10 ke. Kan?" Good objection but he shouldn't have asked her back with that "Kan?" She jumped in excitedly to handle his concern.

"Abang, bouquet nampak lagi lawa, saya boleh letak bunga-bunga kecil yang lain, daun sikit. Baru nampak penuh. Long bouquet macam ni bang, jom ikut saya. Besar punya pon ada."

Danny was sold after she showed him how long and big bouquet looked like. Considering the event he was going afterwards, he thought a long bouquet would be suitable.

"Okay lah, saya ambik long bouquet, 3 lili cukup la. Berapa ye?"

"Hmm, kejap ye bang. Boss!" she asked the boss, before replying with a "RM 54 je bang."

"Damn cheap, though only 3 lilies. Well, that'll do.." Danny giving himself a good pat at the back.

"Okay. Boleh."

Danny followed the lady to a table near the gift wrapper.

"Warna apa bang, kertas untuk bunga ni."

"Haa?? Err...putih?"

"Ish, abang ni. Putih pergi funeral lah! Saya ambik warna ni, purple. Okay?"

"Ha, yelah, putih untuk orang mati. Ha ha =__=" Okay boleh, boleh, purple's good." Danny felt like hiding now. He totally failed when it comes to colours and all these gift presentations.

"Hahaha, abang ni lucu. Beli untuk siapa ni bang, girlfriend ye?" she asked while expertly navigating her fingers to fold the papers, cutting the little flowers to arrange the bouquet.

Danny, not wanting to explain himself, and his action of buying flowers, replied with a "Ha'ah." with a stupid grin on his face.

"Sweet betul abang ni. Jarang la lelaki nak datang beli bunga. Beli untuk emak pun takde."

Feeling flattered, Danny tried to not make it obvious. "I wish she were my girlfriend la, lady." Danny said to himself.

"Awak takkan tak pernah dapat bunga?"

"Tak pernah la bang."


"Sebab tu saya cakap abang ni sweet. Sweet sangat."


"Saya sekarang, kalau bagi bunga saya tak nak la."

"Ye lah, awak dah kerja kat kedai bunga. Mesti dah jemu tengok bunga hari-hari. Hahahah"

"Hahaha, tu lah bang. Satu lagi, saya lagi suka duit dari bunga. Sebab tu lah kerja hari-hari."

"Betul juga..awak dari mana? Sabah?"

"Ish, abang ni. Saya dari Indonesia. Medan. Mana ada bunyi Sabah."

"Elok je awak cakap, takde bunyi telor Indo. Macam orang Sabah ada lah."

"Ada ke orang Sabah cakap macam ni. Saya ada telor nya Indo, saya control la, bang. Hahaha."

"Ooo...namanya siapa?"

"Sari, bang... Nah bunganya sudah siap. Bertuah girlfriend abang, ya." Sari handed the bouquet to Danny with a smile.

"Terima kasih, Sari. Nah, duit. Bakinya, kamu simpan saja. Kamu suka duit, bukan? Jangan bagitahu bos kamu pula."

Sari, surprised with the kind gesture, smiled back at Danny.

"Terima kasih ya, bang."


"Datang lagi."

Danny just smiled, "We'll see."

The modest Rose puts forth a thorn,
The humble sheep a threat’ning horn:
While the Lily white shall in love delight,
Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.

-William Blake-


plain83 said...

Flowers can't feed you either, unless they are edible flowers... ahahahaaa motip sangat komen aku nih... lulz ;3

Syafiqah Othman said...

Stumbled upon your blog, have too much free time on hands currently. Nice narration, is there any continuation ?

Danial Jaafar said...

Hahahaah, plain, maksud cerita ni, setulus mana pon cinta itu hahaha tak dapat memenuhi kehendak materialistik =P

Hey Syafiqah, I'm flattered ada orang baca dan bagi positive feedback =) We'll see if I can come up with one. Thanks for dropping by!


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