Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Too Late to Apologise

She found it hard to believe. The very woman she looked up to as a kid, a little girl was a fake after all these years. It was all just, facade.

"I can't believe it, babe, that me mom is like that. She acted all lovey dovey with my dad all these years. And now, this shit?" she let it all out again, for the umpteenth time to her bestie, Elle.

"You sure about this, Jessi? It could be a misunderstanding. Maybe the name, texts you read on her phone might have been just a misunderstanding?" Elle tried to reason it out on behalf of her friend's mother. Not that she wanted to but just to cool Jessi down.

"Oh, yeah. It could have been some secret codes between my mom and her friends, eh? Or she could be a lesbo, which still isn't any better!"

"Yep, case closed." Elle gave up. She figured it would be better off to just shut her trap and be there for Jessi. Let the lass vent, flush it all out of her system.

"Funny, huh? What's the point of getting married, falling head over heels when long down the road, you're gonna end up being a whore-"

"Watch what you say, Jessi! She's still your mother!"

"Oh, just because I am Asian doesn't mean I can't say shit I want, Elle! This is Australia, okay, babe?"

And with that, Jessi just stormed out of her own room after grabbing her jumper, headed to Woolies.

Halfway through. Jessi felt bad about treating her best friend that way, thought of going back to Elle to apologise...

....when all of a sudden, she got jumped on and mauled to death by the notorious Australian drop bear.


SEO Expert Pakistan said...

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plain83 said...

weyh, natang ni mythical being semata-mata kan? kan? huhuh...

Danial Jaafar said...

hahaha Australians made it up sebab nak layan foreigners especially Americans yang takut sangat dengan Australia. Hahaha lawak lawak!


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