Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's Fun and All That 6

The man and his lady, if I may say, were seen around Bourke St. holding few shopping bags. The two looked excited. Maybe because it was the first time they got to the city in months. Their last trip was during Easter break and they had a blast at a friend's housewarming party at The Village. Anyway, I assume there must have been other reasons for them to be in such jovial, bright mood...but it is just an assumption.

The man asked her if she was hungry already, to which she replied with a nod and a smile. He, then, smiled too, before leading her to the Pancake Basement. They both had been wanting to eat here ever since they heard it from others at Uni about it. Its location was a little bit hidden, as the name suggested; in the basement.

They both ordered pancakes; he went for the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and she Hot Buttered Walnut. Was alright. They were both smiling. They did not talk much. Only few exchanges during the meal. Few steal-a-glance moments between the both of them too. The bill? Oh, yes, the bill. They went Dutch.

Where were they after the Pancake Basement? They headed to Dockland..or was it the Quay? Apparently there was a show or concert of some sort, held that day. Too bad they were a bit late they ended up at the far back. He could see everything but I could not say the same about her. Typical Asian girl's height is a disadvantage when it comes to this kind of situation.

And he did the unthinkable. I mean, raise your hand if any of you guys ever carry a lady on your shoulder so that she can see the things blocked from her sight? ....That's what I thought.

But it was alright. There were others who did that though they were fair dinkum Aussies, mate.

He wasn't that tall, but that moment she was up there, being able to watch the show, she felt that he was tall, and strong, and reliable. She felt that electrifying jolt when she grabbed her hand and lifted her up.

Has he been planning for this? For us to take the wrong tram from his friend's place, to take his time trying out the suits at the department stores? To get lost looking for Pancake Basement when he said he already knew where it is? So that we would be at the back of the crowd, and me being a petite girl, will end up not able to watch the show?

A day in Melbourne at a friend's place.

All these trains of thoughts running in her mind during the show, as she felt the cold breeze brushed her face. But at that time, oddly, she felt warm. As if she got closer to the sun.


Lee said...

Hi Danial, how you doin'? Nice in Australia? No wonder ada keluar Aussie lingo, ha ha.
You have fun and stay easy.
Best regards,

Zyra Roxx said...

I'm a petite girl. tapi tinggal mimpilah jelah nak didokong gitu kat sini.. kahkah!

Zyra Roxx said...

I'm a petite girl. tapi tinggal mimpilah jelah nak didokong gitu kat sini.. kahkah!

Danial Jaafar said...

Hi Lee! Naah, this is just a made up story. It's not even real hahahaa. Reminiscing the time in the land down under! Hope you have a blast weekend! =)

Hi Zyra Roxx, thanks for dropping by!
Hahaha, jom la ke Australia kalau nak didokong gitu oleh cowok-cowok Australia yang ganteng bangettt! XD

plain83 said...

Aah... my guess would be, everything happened coincidentally, and the girlfriend was just thinking too much. Most women tend to syok sendiri like that hahaha... ;p

Danial Jaafar said...

Hahahaha, I thought girls rarely syok sendiri! Guys, yang selalu syok sendiri and are notoriously well known for it! Sebab tu ramai yang kena friendzoned sebab depa ingat pompuan tu suka depa, padahal pompuan tu cuma being nice. =P

plain83 said...

Hahahah, girls also syok sendiri mehhh... especially yg bajet2 alim, lulz :3

Danial Jaafar said...

kahkahkahkah!! tiba-tiba satu das terkena kepada yang bajet2 alim. mesti ada story ni! Hahahaha

plain83 said...

hewhewhew... sebab ada story la aku kata tu, kah!



Danial Jaafar said...

kongsi la sikit. =P kaypochi!


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