Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tribute to Daniel Choi, the Courageous Man

Choi mustered all the courage, walked up to the counter.

"I kinda like you. Let's date."

The girl was stunned before she gave Choi a smirk.

"Kinda? It shows that you are not serious, uncertain of what you want.. Sorry I don't like men who just wanna fool around and have no spine."

It took Choi by surprise. He was prepared for a rejection but not this kind of rejection, attached with a sharp-to-heart words from her.

It's not like we're strangers. We've known each other since high school all the way till college, Choi trying to figure out the reason behind her cold response.

"Oh yea, you want someone serious? Can you take it? No, because if there was a man, serious about you, and certain about his feeling for you, would you say yes then? You can't even guarantee you will give a yes when you meet such man. Why must girl be so contradicting?

You said you want someone who can take you in, accept you at your worse, your best, at your low and your high points in life. Why can't you just take a chance on me? I know you've ended up in the dust every time, and see us men all the same. But, am I not good enough??"..

...but those just ended up in his thought. Something he wished he did before she left him alone, at the counter. Maybe.

" you still want that bouquet of roses you requested?"
the cashier asked.

Ah, hatiku yang tak mau memberi. Mampus kau dikoyak-koyak sepi. - Chairil Anwar

Shibal... he cursed himself for being such a spineless man who does not follow through everything till the end.


plain83 said...

hmmm... makan popcorn je aku kalo tertengok cerita/drama macam ni, dan pada masa yang sama aku bertenet dan tidak kisah akan jalan cerita tersebut. hehe...

Danial Jaafar said...

haha ni bukan drama, High Kick 2 ni macam sitcom. lawak wehh. cuma dia punya finale dua watak ni mati accident, sebab si laki tak tengok depan masa memandu (as you can see from the pics LOL)


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