Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kasih Itu Secebis Saja Dari Asalnya

Kekaguman aku terhadap kaum ibu punya beribu sebab. Yang hakikatnya berakar dari satu; kasihnya ibu.Ibu tak semestinya yang melahirkan. Ada yang punya rezeki itu melalui saluran yang lain. Dan di mata si anak, itulah ibu yang ia kenal. Ada juga ibu itu yang dari kalangan laki-laki. Dialah ayah, dialah ibu. Keras pon ia, lembut pun jua.

Antara karya pop moden yang menunjukkan teladan kasih ayah biarpun anak sudah dewasa.


I had a muscle pull yesterday during futsal. Blame it on my lazy ass to not warm up properly. Muscle pull is pretty agonising yeah, the pain.. Fuhhh. 

And the pain a mother bears when delivering is hundred times more? While a pull can be prevented by doing sufficient warm-ups, the only way not to deliver a birth is to not get pregnant. Now why am I comparing this muscle pull pain and pain from giving birth? Truly, it is unfair. Of different class, category you might say. That is the point. Because what else can be more painful than giving birth? Okay to start of, maybe your lower body crushed by a concrete block and your spine injured so bad you become paralysed. But then, won't you be numb and feel nothing?

Back to my post..
Our offspring is our way to carry on our legacy, also a way to manifest our love to our partners. For that love, to materialize into a tiny human, called baby. So along the course of this baby's life, he/she will be guided and raised by a pair if lucky, or just a human. And no matter how annoying, troublesome, difficult it is to do so, this tiny human will always have that special place in the hearts of the human(s) who stick alongside this baby.

Apabila dua insan yang bercinta mengikat tali pernikahan, maka rasa sayang yang terbit dari diri mereka disenyawakan menjadi seorang insan, yang akan memastikan kelangsungan rasa mereka itu.

As recorded in history, art literature and folklore, tales, of mothers and fathers, who went the distance for the sake of their children. Regardless of the status, age of the children, these parents till their last breaths continue to fulfill their duties protecting and keeping their children away from harm's way.

What is it with my obsession tonight to write about this matter, you ask?

Why, is it peculiar and odd, out of place, for me to appreciate and thank all the parents out there? Be them good parents, or the bad ones who did not contribute much to their children's well being?

Yang baik dijadikan teladan,
Yang buruk dijadikan sempadan.

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