Sunday, August 9, 2015

It Was Difficult Carrying A Life for 9 Months. To Lose It After?

Once upon a time..

This one family that became whole again when the 5 of them got together under one roof, was having their dinner, together. As usual, the house was full of noise from the laughter, shouting, and the weird fart sound from the eldest son.

So happened, they were talking about near-death experience. Maybe because the father was telling them his latest project at work which was really risky but as an experienced person in his field, he had to take it and personally be there to oversee the whole project till its completion.

"Ada hari tu, Ayah pergi site, angin kuat gila. Ayah ingat kalau lama sikit ribut tu, terbang jugak semua heavy machines tu hempap Ayah! Jadi macam pancake pulak nanti! Hahahaha!!" the father laughed and seemed to take it positively. Such weird sense of humor.

The eldest did not say anything. His younger siblings however laughed at their father's obsession with pancakes that at that situation he could only think of himself being thumped flat, like a pancake. Oh, the mother never did find any of the stories she had been listening to ever since they knew each other as funny. Just like the eldest, she was mum too.

"Along dulu lagi lah. Kan ada cerita ni dulu Ma, Ayah. Along dua kali dah nak mati. Nasib baik umur panjang jugak. Hahahaha"

His other 2 siblings were astounded to just know that about their eldest brother. So, they begged him to tell the stories.

"Along, cerita lah. Ma dan Ayah tak pernah pon cakap pasal ni"
"Ha'ah, Along. Cepatlah!"

He was gonna tell anyway. It had always been one of many things he loved doing especially when he met a new girl. His friends did not like that he kept telling girls those stories because it seemed like he was playing sympathy card. Anyway, so, the eldest went on with the stories..

"Ada sekali tu, Along kecik lagi. Along pergi ikut Pak Lang pergi menjala udang. Tak ingat dah kat mana. Tapi Along paling ingat, Along tenggelam timbul, tenggelam timbul. Nasib baik Pak Lang nampak rambut Along. Dia ingatkan tu sabut kelapa, dia tarik rambut Along. Hahaha"

The father added "Ma dengan Ayah tak tahu pon pasal ni, sampailah berapa tahun entah lepas tu, baru Pak Lang kamu bukak cerita. Bila fikir balik, patutlah malam Along ikut Pak Lang kamu menjala, dia belikan mainan, aiskrim, KFC untuk Along!"

The mother was still mum.

The other siblings begged for the second story of the night.

"Okay, okay. Sabarrrr. Yang kedua ni, dekat mana Ayah, kuarters polis?"
"Ha, ye lah, dekat rumah kawan sekolah Ayah. Kita melawat keluarga dia masa tu."

"Ye, Along cuma ingat Along pergi main-main dengan anak-anak pakcik tu. Lepas tu Along penat la. Along kan dulu gemuk. Hahaha. Along ingat lagi Along nampak ada bola kat tingkap, tapi tingkap tu takde cermin nako tu, cuma jaring nyamuk yang warna hijau tu."

Something like this, minus the window panes, bars and it was green in colour.

"Ooooo....lepas tu lepas tu?" the youngest asked, eager to know what happened this time around.

"Macam Along cakap, Along kat gemuk dulu. Along pegang bola tu, bersandar kat jaring nyamuk - ZAASSSSSS- Along melayang. Woooooo~ best rasa angin. Hahaha"

"Ayah masa tu tengah melabur. Lepas tu dengar ada budak menangis. Ayah pon maki la, siapalah mak ayah budak ni, sampai menangis kuat macam tu. Rupanya Along! Menggelupur Ayah pergi tengok Along."

"Along tak pengsan masa tu, jatuh kepala dulu. Luka je. Nasib baik tingkat 2 je."

"Syukur tanah tu ada rumput, malam sebelum tu pula hujan. Tanah jadi lembut."

"Hahaha, betullah tu Ayah."

"Ma masa tu macam mana, Along, Ayah?" this time the second asked after listening quietly.

"Hahaha, Ma masa tu kan, Ma menjerit, anak akkuuuuu! " the eldest shared that to his younger brother and sister.

Was Along this chubby when that happened? Need to ask Along that.

"It's not funny, okay."

The mother finally broke her silence before leaving the table to the kitchen doing dishes.


JaJa'Z said...

adakah cerita sendiri??

Danial Jaafar said...

Adakah???? Hahahah sama sama kita nantikan. =P

uncle lee said...

Hi Danial, very interesting posting....I guess the family tidak pantang talk about death at home. Chinese people not keen mention death especially over dinner.
Have a nice day.

Danial Jaafar said...

Ya, apparently they got no pantang. They just talk about anything over dinner...except toilet affairs. Hahahahha

plain83 said...

Ahaa this kind of conversation yg kadang2 tercetus masa sembang sama2 dgn family members mmg akan ada part yg mana the mother will not be comfortable hearing it, semua mak yg normal mmg sayang anak dia. But then again, near-death experiences always make good stories to share, dia jd either bragging atau playing the sympathy card, kehkeh.

Danial Jaafar said...

Aku selalu guna cerita ni nak raih simpati aweks. Berjaya juga. (uso dayou =P)


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