Thursday, July 23, 2015

Withdrawal Symptoms

"Hey there, so what have we here? My loyal customer."

"Should you say that? I thought you'd be more, professional and not see me as your cashcow?"

"Lighten up, will ya? Seeing you here again is not really a surprise and no guessing needed."


"..soooo...what can I help you with today?"

"You know the drill, Doc. I come here, see you just for the sake of the prescription and-"

"For fuck sake, who do you think you're talking to,huh? Your parents, your deadbeat ex girlfriend who's got shit going on in her marriage? I'm your shrink, you prick! I wasn't born yesterday. "

"- I, I -"

"Let's start over, shall we?"

"Yes, doc."

"So, have you really been following my instructions?"


"Okay, how about the meds? On time, with food?"

"Yeah, doc."

"Hmm...but you still end up coming here every 3 days. Why is that?"

"Had I known I wouldn't be here, doc-"

"You got some quick fix yeah? Every now and then, when you're not occupied with work, your book. I can tell, Isaac."

"Doc, you gotta believe me when I say I have done my best. But if really has been ages since I got a hold, discovered something like this."

"Remember what I told you when you first came to me? It's either you go with it, you know confront it,


you leave it behind. Never to use it.

And you chose the latter. Remember?"

"*sobs* but Doc, I thought this was just like the other stuff I came across. I thought I could leave it behind and live on. *sobs uncontrollably shaking*"

"I hate this guy...."


plain83 said...

The job of a shrink is so dark, I dare not venture into that forsaken realm.

Danial Jaafar said...

Excuse the language used. This is one of the many works completed when I got high. =P


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