Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My 2 Cents: The Lost Art of Giving A Shit

Aku sebenarnya tak tau mana nak mula cerita. Kalau korang memang follow blog aku dari mula-mula aku berkecmpung, mesti perasan aku punya intro fail. Dan aku rasa intro yang fail samalah dengan bad firet impression. Even though the first few seconds are important, aku kira agak tidak adil untuk menutup peluang kepada sesuatu hanya kerana bad first impression.

Tengok, aku dah melalut ke laut.

Few months back aku ada terbaca satu post kat Thought Catalog, pasal "The Lost Art of Giving A Shit". And no, it ain't got nothing to do with the ancient and efficient way excrete your waste through your rear opening, pooping, doing No.2, berak dan istinjak besar. Eh, ada ke istinjak besar... Anyway, it is about caring about things.

When I read the article, it kinda hit me;  the 'getting in the shape' part', dating and career. But of course, regardless of how many times I nodded my head in agreement for every sentence I read, masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri la brooo.

That was until I watched Aziz Ansari's latest comedy show. Aziz has always, in my opinion, been critical of the way, us millenials live our lives. And this time around, memang "dokek pale" kata orang Terengganu.

For starter, let's talk about dating, finding life partner and something like that hah! It's supposed to be easy right. You like a person, you tell that person, if the feeling is not mutual, then you move on, like someone else, this time it is mutual,both of you hit it off, and get married even, maybe..annnnddddd...


Guess what, mother father, it's not that easy for your kids to get married nowadays. Usually, you like someone and you wanna get to know them better, you ask them out, talk more. But nowadays, ada unspoken rules that everyone by right should know. Shit like,

1- there's a thin line between being sweet and creepy (the Dople-Dahmer Effect)
2- if you get the number, don't call straight away. You're gonna give it away to that person that you like them and that's not good (why is it not good to let them know you like them?)
3- if you have already started texting, donty reply immediately, give it a good a hour or two. Better still, a day or two.
4- you can't show you're interested and care for the said person. Its not good (again?) because they may think you're desperate.

And many more of these rules where they came from.

Seriously I have no idea why we play by these rules. Why can't you be upfront and say it like you mean it.
"Hey, you wanna grab a coffee some time this weekend?"

If you got turned down hey at least you tried. And why is it not good to show that you care and interested? Why is the person who does that is considered and seem as desperate, sloppy, gelojoh, takde class?


cEro said...

Dully noted!
**tulis dalam buku nota cinta**

Danial Jaafar said...

eh..ada banyak lagi nak tulis. aku pon tak tau kenapa aku rushing nak publish yang tak siap ni.

ada banyak sisi nak tengok. bukan setakat dating, love relationship je hahahaha


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