Sunday, July 26, 2015

When the Family is Whole Again (short)

It is dinner time. Just like always when the 5 of them are together under one roof, it is a must to sit down and have dinner together. This is when the family becomes whole again.

So, when the family becomes whole again, over the roasted garlic chicken the mother made, the Mac n cheese the father whipped up, and the salads, desserts that the only princess in the house made, will there be laughters, arguments, sometimes curses and swearing, but never silence. That is when the family becomes whole again.

Usually, the father will forcefully push the vegies into the plate of the youngest, followed by remarks such as

"You're gonna grow up and be a man just like Daddy, like you always want. So, be a good kid and finish your vegetables."

To which the baby in the family will oblige, with such reluctance, also out of respect to the father, and the older sister who went through the trouble preparing the dishes. And, yes, that you can see and hear only when the family is whole again.

The mother, on the other hand can be seen shouting and screaming at the top of her lungs, being overworked and frustrated by her own sense of perfection.  "Where is that chopping board?"
"Why is the table still like this?"
"Mary, could you please give me a hand here even if you're done with your work??!"
But, comes the dinner time when the whole family is whole again, her smile, brimming, such satisfied look as her children and husband indulge the foods to their desire.

And the eldest, despite the occasional arguments, fights, is, has been and will always be looking forward to when the family is whole again.


plain83 said...

This is good material for PT3 Section A English set. Just my opinion ;3

Say danny, do you contribute your writings to teachers teaching English at schools? I'm not a school teacher but I do know about the current English syllabus in our schools ;3

Danial Jaafar said...

Woah, that coming from you, I think it is a compliment, yeah? Hahaha sorry
I don't because I never knew people do that? And sure or not you're not a school teacher hahaha for all we know you are one, somewhere in Perlis....


plain83 said...

Nawhh, I don't do schools, not directly ;3

Danial Jaafar said...

hahaahaha! tu es mysterieux!


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