Sunday, June 21, 2015


Salam Ramadhan semua! Ramadhan Mubarak! When the Muslim brothers in Gippsland wished me that last time - Ramadhan Mubarak, I was really at lost because it was my first Ramadhan away from the country and with non-Malaysians. But I gotta say I adapted to that and all was good.

A blog post with no good introduction. I don't know about you guys but I find doing the introduction part a hassle. I remember how much I dreaded doing those introduction parts for every literature review, paper I had to do for assignments back then. But, like my teachers in primary school said, a good intro is like a good first impression. Once you nail that, you gotta follow up with a good story as well.

Too bad I am not doing any of that here, right now. Been saving a lot of drafts. Same problem that sneaked upon me whenever I feel like blogging always. The writer's block. Even an amateur blogger, a professional writer wanna-be like me has this kind of problem. Hah!

Anyway, once I am in a more steady state, I will release the draftkens!! You know, "Release the kraken!" ....




ps: Selaamat berpuasa to all!


plain83 said...

I challenge thee to simply release one of those draftkens unedited! Hahahah... tengok readers ko paham ka tidak, amacam ada branz? :p

Danial Jaafar said...

unedited kang, takut takdak sapa paham. wahahahah!


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