Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Alkisah di Gym

This took place last month.

This guy at the gym whom I first met and helped me with the membership registration was in the middle of his work out at the top floor. Top floor is the place you get to do your leg workouts. I just did my warm ups downstairs and just got to the top floor, heading to the squat rack, when he came up to me and started the conversation...
Top floor. Facebook Fitness League.

Gym Guy: Hey, bro. I see you've lost quite a lot of weight. Did you weigh yourself?

Moi: Oh hey, man. Really? Honestly I don't feel any different because I totally fail in my diet. A never ending struggle, man.

Gym Guy: But seriously, I think you must have lost a good 5kg, at least. 

Moi: Really meh?

Gym Guy: Yeah. You should get a scale and weigh yourself every week la. This is all due to your hard work. I notice you've been to the gym religiously also. (I remember the word 'religiously' because it is a good marketing word hahahah)

Moi: Thanks for the kind words. Appreciate it. Better start burning all these calories huh?

Dalam hati, I was like, hahaha pandai kau nak ayat aku.

Joke aside, the staffs there at Fitness League are really friendly bunch. Memang they would notice me going to the gym regularly, at least 3 times a week because I already paid for 1 year membership! Would be the biggest waste of money spent if I didn't go to the gym to work out. Hahahaah!

Recently, got promotion, flash the gym membership card at Subway Mount Austin (which is just few metres away from the gym) and all gym members are entitled to 10% discount. Pretty sweet, huh?

Just that this week, moi is down with fever and feeling rather weak so haven't gone to the gym yet. Still, I foresee a great weight loss coming this Ramadhan...


Must be!

Hiak hiak hiak!!!


cEro said...

Great weight loss coming this Ramadhan?
Selalunya akan berlaki sebaliknya, you know, with all ayam percik nasi kandaq murtabak ayam kambing golek thing...heheheh

Danial Jaafar said...

usually weight loss bro. tak pernah lagi weight gain. weight loss tu ada yang very significant, ada yang tak pun hahah =P

plain83 said...

Selamat berpuasa dannyboi... the gym will be missing you this month, ker... ko akan pi jugak waktu malam lepas tarawikh? pergh...

Danial Jaafar said...

Selamat berpuasa juga kepada anda, plain onee san.hahaha

pi jugak..pi buat cardio sebelum berbuka atau lepas terawikh.

itu cuma rencananya. buatnya tak tahu ke mana.



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