Monday, May 4, 2015

What Comes Before a Fall

There is this feeling of, hollowness, incomplete and abandoned tonight. Mainly because I just learned that after almost a year, I don't seem to improve much. I began to question my contribution to the team, and to the organisation as a whole. Once that seeped in, it started infecting my self worth. Before I knew it, I started to doubt my ability and dismissing my past achievements as fluke.

"I got this far because of luck?"
"Do I deserve to be here?"
"Where am I to go, then.."

Suddenly...a wild boar of mine popped up amidst all the conundrum. It bears almost the same features as the wild boar that Abang Lepat came across once. Only that, this wild boar of mine that popped up in the middle of my self-doubting, was a gentler one. One that has known me for quite some time for I was the one who raised it.

This is Barbie.
"What are you doing, human? You look kinda pathetic for someone who claimed to know a lot."
"I recall no such thing ever been claimed by me."
"Well, all the self-gloating and bloating, literally, because I can see your belly hahaha, anyway, yeah, all that, screamed "you know it all", human."
".... if that seemed to be the case, then I am truly thankful for your words, o beast."
"Forgive me, I think I might have stepped over my bound here, didn't I? To such dignified and respected creature - human."

And left, the boar went back to only God knows where....

Quite a mess here, I said. Looks like we need some clay and water for the ritual cleansing.


plain83 said...

hahah... you know, i chuckled quite a bit reading this entry of yours, aku suka... *thumbs up* ;3

Danial Jaafar said...

oh, sorry2, semalam tengah high masa tulis ni..

hahahahaha high sangaatttt =P


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