Thursday, April 16, 2015


Words can't describe it at this moment, partially because of my limited vocabulary. Pretty sure somewhere in that dusty humongous thesaurus back home there are words that can be aptly used in this predicament.

Predicament? Why so, brother?

Because I do not enjoy this uneasy feeling. Never thought I'd be able to experience it again. It has been long. At least it sure feels that way. I wonder if there are really butterflies inside my stomach. Literally. Because if there are that explains why I feel light? Also a bit sick, maybe because of the vertigo. Didn't I tell you I am floating now because I feel light.
Yes, the feeling alone got me to levitate. At some point, my chest felt ticklish. Blooming flowers seem to come out of it. Good kind of ticklish, not the kind that got you peed on the floor while being tickled. No, I wasn't referring to myself back then.

So....from the description does not sound like a predicament.

You must be mad. If I am not feeling myself, it is a predicament!

Brother, if you are falling from a great height, you won't feel like you.
Oh, and enjoy it while you are still not on the ground. Cheerio~

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