Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Few days ago, I just did some random googling. By random I just googled anything that crossed my mind at that time. I ended up googling, "How to Raise a Child" and believe me when I say, I felt like one of those pregnant teenagers in "16 and Pregnant" for searching for things like this on the net. "Come on, Danial, stuff like raising a kid is not something that one should just search on the net prior to getting married, or that night of consummation. Is raising a kid the same as raising a plant or tree in your backyard?"

With all that said and after all those debates in my head, I just clicked the top search result. The infamous WikiHow. Pretty sure most of internet users are familiar with WikiHow. I learned a bit of guitar on WikiHow. As well as making apple crumble pie, apple pie, and some baked stuffs.

Anyways, after reading the WikiHow page on How to Raise a Child, I couldn't help but feel, warm inside. It is the kind of warmth you felt growing up (if you happened to be fortunate enough to be raised by your loving parents) knowing that your parents got your back. That warmth, when now that you're all grown up and look back, you know that your parents did sacrifice a lot of things for your sake.

I remember one time I was throwing tantrum at my mom and dad because they didn't get me this Power Rangers action figure set. Back then, my dad just left the air force and was looking for job in the commercial sector so you can say it was tough. My mom was having a hard time to calm me down. I don't really remember what happened but my dad did buy a Power Ranger toy even though my mom and dad said they were gonna buy a better one next time. My point is that, my parents have done their best in raising me and my siblings.

So, reading all this "How to Raise a Child" general guideline made me walk back the memory lane, to appreciate every single thing they did for me when I was a small boy. Annnndddd, it makes me realised that I do want kids of my own. That I am running out of time. Hahahaha.

I do realise that it would be cold, and rude to just get married because you want a kid of your own. So, another thing to think about. Anyway, offspring. I like that word. Biologically speaking, I need an offspring because I need someone, a person to carry on my gene, part of me. Non biologically speaking, I guess I want to impart some of my life lessons, wisdom (hope I do have some) and not to be lonely. Also I want to know this ultimate love a person can feel and give. I read this line somewhere. From this article written by a woman who claimed to never know what love really is, even as she got married. So, she found herself worrying about her newborn baby. She found herself putting her baby first before herself. She found it ridiculous that she was doing all that but couldn't help to. I think that is just one of the miracles you can get once you start loving. Be it your partner, your own flesh and blood, strangers, animals, plants.

I mean, to live is to give and what better things are there to give than love?



plain83 said...

ohohoh... did you happen to google that word via the speech-to-text google search service? sometimes i like to google random words using that function too, omoushiroi deskara ne hahahahah XP

Danial Jaafar said...

iie. honto random ni. hahahaha

nihongo dah karat habih dahhhh!!


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