Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Malaysia, oh tanah air,ku~

#disclaimer, i use brader, doesnt mean i'm being sexist. the brader term here can be used to refer to the female populations as well.

why so mad?
why so semangat brader?
you think you are on the right path,
therefore you can act all mighty?

why like that brader?
you got mad when people say bad things about you and your affiliation,
shouldn't you expect the same if you do that unto others?

why the anger brader?
if the opinions, facts or views of that person is wrong,
can you respond with opinions, facts or views (of which you think is right),
to correct that person (whom you think is wrong for having incorrect opinions, facts or views)
why the death threats? 
or even the hellish punishments threats in the hereafter? (if that person does not belong to the same faith or choose not to believe in it)
why la?

why so fast brader?
have you always been prepared to respond,
upon seeing another response?
to your earlier responses?
or were you caught up in the heat of action?
in, (perhaps) proving you are right,
therefore, submit before me?
is it?

can we all not be so reactive, 
when comes a news, sensitive ones especially,
in this time of high paced, readily available information,
being reactive does not help much, really.

with power comes responsibility,
with great power comes great responsibility,
said Uncle Ben.
or did you just watch/read Spiderman just because it entertains you?
and that is all?

to have any kind of information, knowledge is power,
and with that power, there comes a responsibility,

amidst all this noise,
of people and their eagerness to stand out,
the world (and its other residents) could really use,
a second of silence (hopefully, solace spent in wisdom)


plain83 said...

Mad people will be mad people, those bunch just can't be helped... huhuuh~

btw, Happy new year 2015, all the best bro! ^^

Danial Jaafar said...

happy happy! selamat~ =D


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