Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lucy Experience

Lucy. They used Scarlett Johansson well to attract the audience but I am not sure if anyone can really appreciate the movie for its content (albeit ridiculous most of the times but plausible...) and not for Scarlett and Morgan Freeman.


I have always thought that when you see things differently now, than you did some time ago, be it few days, weeks, months, or years ago, that you have gained a newfound wisdom. I am talking about wisdom but in Lucy it is all about brain capacity, the cerebral capacity to be exact. But in Lucy, as she is depicted to have access to more than 10% capacity, Lucy seems to be nonchalant about trivial things. Things like, auditioning, having pointless fun, and pleasure.She seeks for more, to explore more of the unknown. It's like a thirst that can never be quenched, instead make you feel thirstier. That, I see as wisdom as well. Even though some people may argue that having more wisdom makes someone more modest or even humble, but does being modest make you not wanting to know more?

Maybe yes. Perhaps upon the realisation that you have reached another level of wisdom in life has subtly made you aware that there are tremendous things in life that will never be uncovered by just a person. And since no creature is immortal in this life, it is futile to be after all those knowledge.

There is this idea in Lucy about living things reproducing to pass on the information, knowledge to the next offspring because they can't stay immortal. I would like to go on rambling about information and knowledge but I am afraid I will, as usual, sidetracked. So, let's park that one in Danial's parking lot (meaning K.I.V).

So, being mortals, gonna die anyway, why seek in the unknown? What's the use of all that? Well, in Lucy, Morgan Freeman (LOL) said that you can pass the knowledge to the next generation. That's why all the living things reproduce. Bacteria asexually reproduce and pass on the genetic information that confers their generation to be resistant to the most potent antibiotic to their ancestors, but no longer to them. Humans, copulate, have kids that take after them or their predecessors, and learned the wisdom and knowledge from the older generation. Yeah I know, extreme comparison, bacteria and human. I thought I would just show at a microscopic level, it is the same with us, human. Afterall, we humans are multicellular organisms, originating from one cell; an ovum fertilised by a sperm, forming that one cell, zygote. The beginning of us all, biologically speaking.(Well, in some cases 2 ovums and 2 sperms)

It amazes me to no end really. Lucy has re-awakened this, epiphany (if I may say) that I once had. The beauty of life, so to speak. How at the most cellular level, we have been programmed to be immortal though we are mortals. We die at the end of the day. As an individual, all of the living things die. But I see those as just vessels, the contents live on....
 I don't think this is making any sense so I better stop right now. Perhaps it is not time yet to go on another level up.


plain83 said...

After reading this post of yours I'm suddenly reminded of the story Mushishi by Yuki Urushibara. Check it out sometime ;3

Danial Jaafar said...

already googled it. sounds interesting, i think i will look the manga up on mangareader =)


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